On the Heels of a Dream: Week 14

Thursday, 21 November 2013  |  Running + Triathlon

On The Heels of a Dream is a weekly column by guest writer Obbie Suguitan who is currently training for his first marathon, The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, on February 16, 2014.

With barely 3 months to go, training is slowly ramping up (often literally!) into serious road time. This week I noticed that my knee pain has all but gone, hopefully never to return. I’m a bit (more than a bit) disappointed though that I got shut out of what seems to me could be a good first public run scheduled for 2 weeks from now. I should have acted earlier. Unfortunately, the organizers closed it a week before schedule because it had hit the participant limit. No one knew about the limit nor was it announced that there was a limit and that it closed. Sigh. Anyway, my next recourse was to enter another run, purportedly a dominant one (hint, hint) a week earlier. In the interim, a person received my registration along with the payment but until I get my bib, singlet, and race kit items, I will not consider myself in.

As far as training went, the 2 maintenance runs went fine. I did not get any faster (just being honest) but it did get easier. The thing with me trying to run faster is that it creates higher impact hence harder on my knees. At my present weight, the dynamic of trying to run faster makes my feet pound the ground harder so I still gotta take it easy so my endurance doesn’t suffer consequently. At this point, I have become the personification of the rule: run at your own pace.

The weekend long run was a different matter altogether. In the span of a week, it evolved from just a long training run into something considerably more significant. It changed from me and my batch of Dreamers achieving improvement for ourselves into a unified and engaging effort to help others. By this I mean One Run – a run for the victims of Yolanda. No bibs, no singlets, no extensive hydration, no medals. The only victory for the runners and participants was that somewhere in the ravaged and typhoon-torn areas, somebody was going to be fed, clothed, or given shelter because we had come to run together, and did not run for ourselves. The turnout was impressive considering it was all on short notice and that it started at 4:30 in the morning of a Saturday. I myself brought a guest who had not done any significant running but was bent on donating and possibly (I hope!) getting a head start for joining Dream 2015. This whole event was the brainchild of The Bull Runner herself then everyone just piled on in support.

– Coach Lit address the Dream Marathoners for Bull Session 3 which was held during One Run –

– with my guest –

– with TBR –

For the run itself, those who were still there to get the long training run done, it took three rounds of a fairly large circuit around BGC. Starting earlier, I found that I could take early morning sun with not much of a problem. I was very thankful that there was a new group added – the 1:1 group. I started with the 1:1 group, fell behind with batchmate Alice, and then was picked up (no, not that kind of picked up!) by one of the 2:1 runners, Ms. Iris – causing me to finish with the tail end of that group. This is the kind of support I’ve been on the receiving end of from a lot of batchmates. Thank you! One of the important things I learned is that the proportion of the run to the walk breaks has nothing to do with the actual speed. I was still the last in the 1:1 but it was because my stride speed (cadence?) is slow/low. I have actually been training 2:1 but had I gone with 2:1 I still woulda been among the last. I think, logically, my best fit would be to do my slow 2:1 within a 1:1 group – which means it would do me well to run alone or rely on the patience of a sweeper.


Anyway, even if not in leaps and bounds, I can feel my endurance and confidence grow. Big thanks to those who have been taking this journey with me – my family and of course 2014 Dreamers. For this week, my parting shot  – we’re not done with the Dream nor are we done taking more steps for our brothers. Peace.

– with Smiley Evan –

On the Heels of a Dream: One Run at a Time (Week 16)

Monday, 4 November 2013  |  Running + Triathlon

On The Heels of a Dream is a weekly column by guest writer Obbie Suguitan who is currently training for his first marathon, The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, on February 16, 2014.

Depleted. This is what I felt at the end of my 80 minute long weekend run. I never meant to be hard on myself but with so many of my batchmates joining 21K runs in a few weeks, I guess I’m entitled so some envy and a smidgen of doubt. I am, after all, human.

Even as I was busy deciding where to do my longest run yet, again my friend Joanne suddenly invited me to do the LSD with her in BGC. With no better plan, I said yes. A finisher of the previous Dream and a few 21Ks herself, she one of a handful of people I can expect realistic advise from and not doubt. If some time in the future, I am asked for advice, I would tell runners-to-be to have a running guardian angel.

By the way, earlier in the week, I did my two maintenance runs and one extra with a friend from work named Jino. Training is hard but I’ve developed a liking for it. Now I want my friend, who’s a Muay Thai fighter, to be in TBR Dream 2015. Online, I saw that numerous batchmates took advantage of the long holidays to go on vacays. Even away from home, quite a few still trained at the destination of choice. Among them was new friend Resty who still did his LSD up north, and Jah who ran from Lukban to Lucena. There’s also batchmate Catherine who ran in Nice, France! Im sure there were others in different places – Nothing stops a Dreamer!

– Batchmate Resty in Vigan! –

– Batchmate Jah ran from Lukban to Lucena –

Back to my weekender, I really wasn’t looking forward to finding out how hard an eighty minute run is – even partly walked. This is hard work. I know I was properly warned but still… Anyway, we were here for a reason and there wasn’t anything else to do but go run. So we did. I suppose it was a good thing we started a shade past 7 am because it would at least simulate the time of day of the real run. Again, the sun took its severely unwanted toll. For me, heat is a big enemy. But it was one to be conquered. We went left, right, straight – pretty much through most of the roads of BGC. My bud and I agreed to do 2:1 and at certain points she pushed, cajoled, clapped, and urged me on while I ran, jogged, walked, trudged, and zombied forward. She had the wisdom to set small destinations to push me, “Hanggang kanto, kaya mo yan”, “fast run hanggang kanto!” and various other methods.

Finally, after countless street corner turns, stretches of what seemed to me like a scorching sun, and thousands of heavy-legged steps, we were notified via watch that our 80 minutes was done. Taking a few cool down steps, to be perfectly honest, I was trying to recall WHY I WAS DOING THIS. What’s an out of shape, middle-aged Dad doing trying to run this? Right now, because my mind’s too tired to be rational, the answer seems simple: Because I still can. Quite frankly, I still can’t imagine being on my feet for 7 hours ( it’s not a sin to be optimistic). But, I’m willing to do it one run at a time. On to the next!

– I did it! –

On the Heels of a Dream: Obbie’s Journey Towards his First Marathon

Monday, 30 September 2013  |  Running + Triathlon

On this week, September 30 to October 6, 2013, our TBR-ULAH Dream Marathoners begin their formal marathon training based on our Dream Marathon Program. It’s the beginning of their journey towards their first marathon.

Week 20

This is the 5th time that we’ve staged the event, yet, every single time we begin training for the marathon with our runners, I’m taken back to my first time as well. I feel the same level of excitement and trepidation as if I was a first-timer myself.

I thought I wanted all of you readers to share in this experience. The best way for me to do this was not through my own words (because all my experiences are easily accessible already in the archives of this blog such as my first accidental marathon in QCIM, Oct 2009), but through a first timers own eyes.

I invited Chris Ibanez Suguitan or “Obbie”, a registered participant of TBR-ULAH Dream Marathon 2014 who I have yet to personally meet, to write about his own experiences as he goes on his journey towards his first marathon.  Expect Obbie’s weekly column called “On the Heels of a Dream” here at TBR starting next week.

For now, let’s meet Obbie.


TBR: Tell us about yourself.
Obbie: I’m 44 years old, over 200 pounds (how much over I’m not too proud of hehehe), I’m a writer by profession with a day job at a publishing company as the one who handles Client Relations and Special Sales.

TBR: Why did you join TBR-ULAH Dream Marathon?
Obbie: I decided to join because I heard about it from high school friends and my co-parents at my son’s school and decided that it’s about time for me to get thin(ner), more fit, and that this would be a great way to show my boys how their overweight Dad can be disciplined beyond the lack of time and money to accomplish something significant. I was a full scholar from high school to college but it was such a long time ago that they can’t relate to it to well. I thought a marathon right now can inspire them.

I’ll end with that short introduction and allow you to get to know Obbie in the weeks to come.  Welcome to TBR, Obbie!

Video: Dream Big. Run Strong.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013  |  Race Announcements

If you would like to join the 5th TBR Dream Marathon on February 16, 2014, visit www.tbrdream.com.

Thank you to TBR Dream Alumni, Jake de Guzman of Tripleshot Media for this video. Tissue please!

TBR Dream Marathon 2014: Do You Want to be a Marathoner?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013  |  Race Announcements



TBR Dream Marathon is the first and only marathon in the world that caters to first- and second-time marathoners.  While we focus on giving you the best race of your life on marathon day, February 16, 2014, it is also important to highlight the journey getting there.  TBR Dream Marathon gives you a 22-week marathon training program developed by my co-founder, Jim Lafferty.  Our training this year starts on September 16, 2013.   We also give you free Bull Sessions (run clinics) led by our Principal Coach, Lit Onrubia, and Bull Circles (running talks) given by experts such as Dr. George Canlas, Dr. Randy Molo, and Coach Jim Saret once a month leading up to the race.  The best part of this all is running with 799 other runners who will share the same concerns, fears, joys, and triumphs with you as you work towards your dream.

On February 16, 2014, it will be the 5th TBR Dream Marathon so it will be an extra special occasion for us and our runners.


So, now, what most of you have been waiting for!  Announcing the opening of RESERVATION for TBR Dream Marathon 2014!  Details below:

  • WHAT: Reservation for TBR Dream Marathon 2014 opens. 800 slots only.  First come, first served basis.  Strictly for first- or second-time marathoners only.
  • WHEN: FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, 2013 at 12:00 noon
  • WHERE: Run.ph, our official registration partner
  • HOW MUCH: Reservation of slots is FREE OF CHARGE. If you qualify registration fee of P3,200 will be collected during the registration period.

Just to give you an idea about how fast this thing will go.  Last year, all 800 slots were filled within 55 minutes.  And that was with my blog crashing twice because of the  unexpected load.  This time, we’ve collaborated with Run.ph to give you a smoother reservation experience.  Run.ph is owned by a friend and TBR Dream Alumni himself, Raymond Racaza, and I thank him for supporting us and our Dreamers.


Now, here’s another surprise!  For those of you who don’t know much about TBR Dream Marathon yet, we’ve also launched our TBR Dream Marathon website: www.tbrdream.com to provide you with all the info you need BEFORE you sign up for the marathon.

Take the time this week to browse through the website and decide if this dream is for you.  Read ABOUT TBR DREAM MARATHON, the 15 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN TBR DREAM MARATHON, and browse through the TESTIMONIALS of some of our TBR Dream Alumni. Go through our RACE RULES & REGULATIONS so you know what you’re getting into and get some of your questions answered in our FAQs.  Don’t forget to go out and ask your running friends too and hear first-hand stories about their Dream Marathon experience.

Then, when all the research is done, sit down and think about this marathon dream of yours and decide if you’re willing to commit to it.  If it’s a yes, then we hope to run with you soon on the road towards TBR Dream Marathon 2014!

To stay updated, best to check this blog, tbrdream.com, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.