Runner’s Interview: Mari Javier

Wednesday, 14 October 2009  |  Interviews + Features


Mari Javier is a relatively new runner having picked up the sport just a year ago, but he’s already got a 3:34 marathon and an ultramarathon under his belt.  In the October issue of TBR Magazine, I featured him on “Personal Record” which showcases a real runner and his/her race times. Below is the interview I had with him where I tried to fish out answers from this busy corporate executive (like many of you out there) who can work hard and train even harder.

Name: Mari Javier
Job: PLDT, Relationship Management (Corporate Business)
Years running: 11 months
Age: 37
Team: Team Baldrunner, Hardcore runners


5k 18 mins
10k 38 mins
15k 57 mins
21k 1 hr 29 mins
42k 3 hrs 34 mins
102k 12 hrs 30 mins

How and when did you start running?

I officially got hooked on running when a friend invited me to join the Adidas KOTR 2008 last October where I finished the 21K in 2hrs 15mins, the Adidas KOTR 2009 will be my anniversary run which will be quite tricky considering I will be driving home after the Smart-SIM 42K to be held the day before the Adidas race.


You have a 9-to-5 job, but you can train as fast and hard as other serious athletes. How do you strike a balance between your career and training?

It’s no secret that this involves a lot of time-management between my profession and passion, it’s not easy to begin with to tell you the truth, however once I started serious running I discovered a lot about my self-belief that I can consistently improve on all levels whether it be in time, distance or terrain variety, I am quite convinced that this also holds true in life which is what makes it all the more worthwhile.

You run long (ultramarathon) and yet you are also fast (3:34 Marathon). How do you manage to train for speed and distance simultaneously without getting injured?

I really listen to my body and don’t push it when I don’t feel in running form although there I really try to discipline myself never to miss a scheduled workout day I just adjust the type of workout depending on how I feel, I really try to take recovery fluids after training/races, massages every 1-2 weeks, rest whenever possible.

You have to be smart in running ultras as this is all about energy and hydration management, there are just so many intangibles involved which makes it exciting. I have learned what I did right, wrong and what I need to definitely improve my 9th place finish for the 2nd BDM ultramarathon this coming March, running marathons will be my distance training and some while working the track on intervals will be for speed.

Urbanite Run_4_Good
– Kenny’s Urbanite 2009 –

Can you give us a peek into your weekly training program?

I train with the Team Baldrunner elites and this is normally my weekly running program:

Monday (Rest) … exception is a holiday then I do a long run

Tuesday (AM: 30min. 6K warmup) / (PM: interval training, either 400m at lactate threshold ave. 70 to 75 secs., 800m, or 1000m ave. 3:30/km) or a 5K session (60m fast, 40m jog for 5K)

Wednesday (PM: tempo run, 30 to 45 mins)

Thursday (AM: long run, normally around 2hrs either in Antipolo hills or Camp Aguinaldo)

Friday (AM: 30min. 6K warmup) / (PM: tempo run, 45mins to 1hr)

Saturday (AM: 30min. 6K warmup)

Sunday (AM: Long Run or Race Day)

What do you love about running?

I love continuously pushing myself past the boundaries of my physical capabilities, if I were a car, I would have probably been an automobile convertible – now I feel like i’m the sportscar version, just like life, running is extremely challenging and ultimately mentally rewarding once you hit the finish.

– Milo Baguio 2009 –

What is your next goal?

For October, it would be the Milo National Finals (42K), QCIM (42K recovering as a pacer for the 4:15 group), Subic (42K), Pasig International Marathon in November and then Singapore this December, I am crossing my fingers and hope to do the Cebu Marathon and Condura this January and February 2010 respectively.

What is your dream race?

I would love to qualify for Boston and also run one of the Ultramarathon 100milers like the Western States 100.


  • Favorite race distance: 10K to 21K as of the moment
  • Running course: around the Fort for long runs and Ultra for track workouts
  • Shoe: Adizero Tempo (marathons), Adizero Ace/CS racing flats for 21Ks and below
  • Powersong: None yet but my finishing kicker would be “Lose Yourself” (will have a playlist for the BDM102 last 50K)
  • Favorite Pre-race Meal: boiled eggs and bananas
  • Cross training activities, if any: none as of the Moment, CAMSUR here I come … =)

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* Photos courtesy of Ben Chan, Blacksheep Photography.