Weather Weather Lang

Wednesday, 28 August 2013  |  Bullish Insights

Wow.  So much has happened the past two weeks and I don’t know where to begin!  Let me start by telling you why I was absent from the blog the past couple of weeks:

1) MARING.  Oh yes, this storm literally hit all of us hard last week.  Some much harder than others so I hope we’ve all done our part to help.  Thankfully, we were safe here at home and I hope you were too.  During the storm, I didn’t feel like posting anything about running on this blog in consideration of those who were severely affected.  Despite the bad weather though, I still continued to ride on my trainer and hit the treadmill for my run.  No excuses, right?  How about you?  Did you continue your work out or turn into a couch potato?  I hope not!

2) PORK BARREL.  Okay, okay, I can’t blame Napoles for my absence on the blog.  But, I did feel—again—that writing about running and triathlon at this point was so shallow compared to the country’s bigger issues.  I did make my stand though: NO to Pork Barrel!  And, while we’re at it, NO to chicharon, too!


2) SERVER DOWN.  For a while now, my blog has been unstable.  It shut down on the day we released the first list of reserved runner list for Dream Marathon.  It shut down again last Saturday and only went live again this morning.  This has all been due to server problems from my host.  All beyond my control. Gaaaah!  For a control freak blogger like me, it’s been a total nightmare.  I’m hoping that all issues will be resolved within the next couple of weeks.

3) HOMESCHOOLING.  Due to Maring, the kids classes were suspended all week.  One would think life would be easier without having to shuttle two kids back and forth from school.  Oh no.  The teachers emailed a weeks worth of workload for the children to work on.  I felt like a homeschooling Mom that week!

– Loads of work for both kids. I almost wanted to send them back to school! –

4) WORK.  Loads of work on my table, baby.  From TBR Magazine to graphic design to Dream Marathon to school (yes I enrolled in Nutrition School just because I want to! Hah!), I seriously have way too much work on my hands.  I think it takes me an hour to jot down my To Do list every morning.  I kid you not.  Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Uhm, okay, maybe I would hope to sneek in a daily massage and a monthly escape to the beach, but all in all, I’m thankful that I have work that doesn’t feel like work.

Just in case I depressed you a bit, let me end this post on a happy note.  Here are photos of my 21k run at Safeguard-2XU Sole Racing International Half Marathon last August 17, 2013.  I wasn’t able to share them because Maring arrived the day after.  Actually, this race was made fun by the strong rain that hit us midway through the run.  We were like little kids happily stomping on puddles and feeling the rain pour over us.   One of the more memorable and fun half marathons I’ve joined!

– with Ton and way too serious Coach Lit (LOL), my run buddies that day. We were smiling here but, soon after, we approached the portion of SM MOA near the bay and the headwind was insane. It was almost like running in place! (Photo: RARMartinez Fotorun) –

– Near the finish line of a wet and wild half marathon (Photo: Pinoy Fitness) –

– Instagram photo reposted from Kim Atienza. Posing with the Posedown Posse Gang –

Hope you’ve recovered from Maring and the craziness of last week!  Just like this post, there are good days and bad days and we can only wait for the storms in our lives to pass until the sun appears again.  Like my good ol’ triathlete friend Kuya Kim Atienza (who is coincidentally right below me in the photo) always says “Weather weather lang!”