Mommy Milkshake Marathon Yr2

Sunday, 10 August 2008  |  Race Reports

“What do you call breastfeeding moms running together?  Mommy Milkshake!”  Get it?

– with my sister (no, we don’t usually wear matching outfits!) –

Janice Villanueva, co-owner of Mommy Matters Nursingwear and director of Creative Juice Communications (who also happens to be my sister), heard this joke on the radio a couple of years ago and almost instantly the idea for a fun run for nursing moms was born.


– I’ll be in one of these in the next race.  PR, baby! –

Today was the 2nd year for Mommy Milkshake Marathon.  Along with 300 other moms and their families as well as serious runners who joined in on the fun, I showed up at Bonifacio High Street along with my hubby and son for a short 2k fun run (which turned out to be 2.6km as advised by organizers prior to the race).  

Knowing full well that my son would walk more than run, hubby and I arrived early for our usual training run.  I ran 6k with fartleks inserted somewhere in there.  Oooh, I felt strong and pain-free the entire time; it was a marvelous experience.  But, I’m trying my best not to get too excited about it.  I’m taming my inner bull, chewing on my fingernails, and repeating this line over and over “Endurance, endurance, endurance.  Forget about speed for now.”

After our pre-race run, there was just enough time for a quick costume change (we were advised to wear pink, remember?) and, after a brief speech by my sister and her partners, we were off.



– 3…2…1… –

Under the sweltering 8 a.m. heat, we ran along with moms and strollers, dads with babies in slings, a preggy woman and a pup, and other faces one doesn’t quite expect in a run.  Of course, we also saw veteran runners and serious runners, plus other runner bloggers like RunMD and Bards, enjoying the easy run.  My son was soaked in sweat yet he plodded on trying to keep his pace.  


– Cool preggy mommy-to-be with her pooch and friend –


– Daddy and baby runners –


– Mommy Lennie and her daughter –


– Bards and RunMD squeezed MMM into their long run –


– Happy Feet Joms and Abbey.  Aaaw, you should’ve signed up at Buddy Wellness Run –

We ran 1.6km, a full loop around Bonifacio High Street, when we went ahead towards the finish.  We decided against taking the 2nd loop as the heat was too intense for my little boy who looked absolutely exhausted.  As we neared the finish line, however, he saw his cousins and sprinted towards the end.  Strong finish, I must say.  (We might’ve fooled a lot of folks there!)


– My two boys –

– with Happy Feet girls, Vimz, Roselle, and Gigi and kids –


– Girl Power! –