Freedom to Shoes

Monday, 9 March 2009  |  Gear + Gadgets


If there’s one good thing that arose from the ITBS injury it would be this: the freedom to shift from motion-control to neutral shoes. Yeah baby!

The good news came straight out of my doctor’s mouth a couple of weeks ago. It was the same doctor who ordered me, early last year, to use Spenco insoles and, later on, switch to motion-control shoes to correct my overpronating flat-feet.

You know, it’s bad enough to discover that you are a flat-footed runner because you will face issues that those fortunate, biomechanically efficient runners will never have to contend with. But, the worst thing about it is the lack of motion-control shoes locally. (Is it because we flat-footed Filipino runners are a rare breed?)  Mizuno does not sell motion-control shoes, Nike only sells the Nike Zoom Elite 4 for motion-control for women (correct me if I”m wrong), and Asics does not have the Gel Evolution 4 here. Adidas offered the Adistar Control 4 so I made the big purchase. The Adistar Control 4 was what I wore last year, including New Balance 25k and Singapore Half, with my Spenco insoles inside.

So, the doctor did order me to shift to neutral shoes and put a halt to wearing spenco. Woohoo!

The moment I found out, visions of various running shoes in all colors, models, and brands flashed before my eyes. I finally get to wear some of the shoes that have been gathering dust in my closet! And, when it’s time to go shoe shopping again, I get to choose from the wide variety of handsome, fast-looking, neutral shoes displayed on the shelves!  

Oh god, I better get back on the road soon. My feet are itching for some neutrals already…