What Do You See Everyday?

Thursday, 1 March 2012  |  Bullish Insights

I work from home. And, only recently, I finally had the time to spruce up my little home office. With tons of work for the blog, magazine and the race, I spend most of my time on my laptop facing one wall of this little room.

This is what I see everyday.  No, it’s not that obvious that I’m completely in love with running.


Right: MARATHON MEDAL HANGER. Only 42k medals allowed to hang on that little thing.  Shorter distances are stored in an old lengua de gato container.  Sad, but hey that’s how special a marathon is, right?

Middle: RUN UNITED 1 2011 21k CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION.  I’m never really attached to certificates, but this one was special for me because it was my half marathon PR last year.  No, I don’t particularly enjoy seeing my thinner self staring back at me on a daily basis, but I posted it as a reminder of my goals this year: 1) Lose the last 4 lbs I gained last year, and 2) Break my 21k PR.

Middle: TBR DM TRAINING PROGRAM.  The white bond paper in the middle is the training program of our TBR Dream Marathoners this year.  I keep track of it to know what they should be running, when our next talks and clinics are, and how many more days until race day.  (Answer is 16!)

Middle: PINK BULL. See that little pink bull?  She was a pasalubong from my good friend, Mayi Lopa, who spotted it on a trip abroad and said she just had to buy it for me.  Methinks I should have green running shoes made for her.

Left: BERLIN MARATHON MAP.  I signed up for only two major races this year: 1) Ironman 70.3 in August (shoot, did I really just announce it here?  Gulp.) and 2) Berlin Marathon on September 30.  I’m psyched. I love the thought of just choosing two major races and going all out to train for those.  It pretty much sets the entire year for me.

Left, middle, right: RUNNING STICKERS!  I’m a running sticker freak.  I collect them when I run races abroad.  The black circle is a Mizuno sticker from NYCM 2011, the 26.2 was from CIM 2011, and the nicest of ’em all is stuck to that little bottle which houses TBR Dream Medals of the past.  (Aw, I’m getting all sentimental already.)

So, that’s what I see everyday.  A picture of my running goals and just some of the things in life that make me happy.  What do you see everyday?