adidas 3-stripes with 3-stars and a sun

Friday, 16 December 2011  |  Gear + Gadgets

I’ve been lucky enough to run three races abroad this year—Guam, New York, and Sacramento.  Each time, as I packed for the trip, there would be a last minute mad hunt for any apparel that screamed: I’m Pinoy and I’m proud of it!

For the Guam KoKo Road Race, I simply pinned the Philippine flag on the back of my shirt…


Good thing adidas recently launched the fourth installment of its Philippine Range collection. It features jackets and t-shirts that play on the Philippine flag’s trademark colors—blue, red, white, with a few touches of yellow—in a simple, minimalist design.



jacket2a copy

jacket2b copy

Cool eh? I wish they’d make running singlets and shirts with Pinoy colors too!

The adidas Philippine Range is available at adidas stores nationwide. For more information, visit