My Daily Race by Sen. Pia Cayetano Out Now

Monday, 28 November 2011  |  News + Promos

Sen. Pia Cayetano recently launched her memoir, My Daily Race, a collection of her essays and blog posts on her life as a senator, mother and triathlete. In her book, the multi-tasking and multi-sporting senator recounts how she found the courage to run for public office following the death of her son Gabriel in 2001 and her father, Senator Rene Companero Cayetano in 2003. (Click HERE to visit My Daily Race blog.)

– Sen. Pia Cayetano with her new memoir during the launch –

I gotta get my hands on a copy soon. Sen. Pia is a friend (and an ex-boss) of mine and I truly admire her for strength, intelligence, independence and her ability to juggle her many roles in life. She’s been talking about her plans for coming out with a book like this since 2008 if I’m not mistaken and I’m glad she finally made her dream a reality.

– Sen. Pia signing books –

Here are excerpts from the book:

On women and running

“You see, there are really two kinds of women who run: Women who put on running shoes and run recreationally or competitively, and women who run for public office. I am a woman who runs, on both accounts.”

“When I run in a race, I proudly run on behalf of women. I run to empower women. I run to raise awareness that there is still a lot of discrimination and injustice against women in our country. I run because I know this will be a better place when women’s voices are heard as loudly as men’s. Mostly, I run because I know a little girl is always watching from the sidelines; and I hope to empower her, to inspire her to be a woman of substance and perhaps a woman who runs one day.”

On losing my father

“I held my father’s hand, and lay my head on his chest for the last few hours of his life. If I could have breathed for him, I would have. If I could have stopped him from dying, I would have. Because all my life, he took care of me, protected me from harm, provided for me, taught me right from wrong, and even when it was hard for him, he let me go when it was time for me to grow up and experience life on my own.”

“I knew he had prepared me for life without him. But it was not going to be easy living without my Dad. “

On being a triathlete

“How does a sleepy tri-girl who has been a night owl most of her adult life become a triathlete or a morning athlete?…It was a process. It started with the death of my son. Running consoled me.”

“But like all my long races and trials in life, I always tell myself, the day will end whether I accomplish my task or not. Do I want to look back knowing I did it, or regretting I did not? In this case, the question I asked myself was more specific—at the end of the day, do I want to be able to say, ‘I AM AN IRONMAN’? Needless to say, I kept running. “

From the Press Release:

Despite being a newcomer to the politics during the 2004 campaign, Pia offered herself to Filipino voters as an advocate of health, children and women’s concerns. She won, landing sixth in the senatorial polls and even made history as the youngest woman elected to the Philippine Senate. Over the years, she would prove herself worthy of the mandate as one of the most hardworking and efficient members of the Upper Chamber.


Cayetano, who is serving her second term, also shares in her book how she manages to balance her responsibilities at home with her official duties at the Senate and as an international parliamentarian, while at the same time finding time to pursue her passion for running, Ironman races, and lately, extreme, off-road triathlon competitions.

The lady senator started ‘My Daily Race’as an online diary in 2007. She began entertaining the idea of coming up with a book after attending a memoir-writing seminar in New York with youngest brother and TV director Lino Cayetano.


– Sen. Pia Cayetano with her three younger brothers (L-R): Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, TV director Lino Cayetano and collectibles entrepreneur and enthusiast Ren Cayetano –

In ‘My Daily Race,’ readers will be introduced to members of the lady senator’s family, including its newest member Lucas. The lady senator likewise shares some candid moments with fellow senators (her ‘seatmates,’ as she fondly calls them) on the sidelines of fiery debates and controversial investigations at the Senate.

“My objective is to share my life experiences and answer the questions I am often asked: What is it like to be a senator? A triathlete? A senator and triathlete at the same time? A working mom and a triathlete at the same time?” Cayetano wrote in her introduction.

A veteran of several local and international marathons and triathlons, Cayetano also shares how she rechanneled her grief from losing her loved ones by turning to running, biking and triathlons, and organizing sports activities for a cause to help underprivileged children with special needs, promote women empowerment and campaign for a healthy lifestyle.

My Daily Race is P499.
Available at Fully Booked (Makati, Alabang, Taguig.  Ortigas and QC by Nov. 30)
Orders are accepted via email: cayetanofoundation(at) or SMS 0926-642-0786


9th Gabriel Symphony on 3 Sept 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011  |  Race Announcements

Backup_of_GSF Poster 2011

Gabriel Symphony stands out as one of the annual races that’s all heart. The atmosphere is filled with generosity, positivism, and unity to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.

Now on its 9th year, the Gabriel’s Symphony 12Hour Multi-Sport Celebration in Memory of Gabriel raises funds for children with cleft lip and palate and those who are visually and hearing-impaired. They also help indigent children develop their potential, such as the children of Daang Hari and Marillac Hills, some of whom have shown potential as runners and athletes. Click HERE to read more about their advocacies.

For this year, the event will be held on Saturday, September 3 2011 at the Alabang Country Club. Activities include:

  1. One Hour Swim-a-thon
  2. One Hour Run-a-thon
  3. Two Hour Bike-a-thon
  4. Triathlon for Adults
  5. SuperTriKids Triathlon
  6. Mile Run Races: Buddy Run and Walk Your Dog

They will also have demonstration games by the Younghusband Football Academy and an Adventure Race for Daang Hari and Marillac Hills children.

Athletes are also invited to donate old shoes and singlets through the booth and to bring old denims, old magazines and children’s books for the Recycling Depot Project.

To register:

  • Click HERE to visit the race website
  • Email

Pinay In Action 2010

Saturday, 13 March 2010  |  Race Reports

Pinay In Action is a race that carries a whole lot of meaning for me:

  1. As a woman, I fully support this race led by Sen. Pia Cayetano as it’s all about women power!  It promotes women rights, health, and empowerment and includes females with women-specific type of cancers as its beneficiary. Go Pinay!
  2. As a female runner, I love the fact that it’s an all women’s run. It encourages women, regardless of their running background, to come out and take a step towards getting fit.  Last but not the least,
  3. P.I.A. will always be one of the most memorable races for me.  Did you know that Pinay in Action 2007 was my very first race?  It was my first 5k and I remember it vividly.  I was a bundle of nerves, but it turned out to be such a wonderful experience that I caught the running bug and never looked back.


This 2010, the Pinay in Action gathered over 1,000 runners (mostly female of course) to run in SM Mall of Asia.  The roads were covered in pink as runners dashed out for their respective race distances.


I registered for 10km, but I felt awfully tired. My body still hasn’t fully recovered from the double marathons of February.  Add gym work the day before plus Coach Rio’s late-night birthday bash the evening before the race and I knew it was wiser to run a short and easy 5k this morning.

Despite the weary feeling, I got an instant energy boost talking with the super women I bumped into this morning.

While waiting for the race to start, I chatted with DORAY ELLIS of Fitness First Team and met her 10-year-old daughter who’s into tri as well.

Before the gun was fired, I stood among the other women with JOYETTE JOPSON of David’s Salon Team who I learned had stayed at Coach Rio’s party much later, yet still pushed herself to run the full 10km.

During the race, it was a pleasant surprise to bump into JOY ROJAS, the woman who truly inspires us all to reach for our goals when she ran across the Philippines and America.

– with Joy and her friend –

I stopped at 5k and spotted SEN. PIA CAYETANO and IZA CALZADO surrounded by a crowd. I stood in the back attempting to get a photo of them, but they were both nice enough to call me into the circle for a quick photo op.  They are two of my favorite celebrity women—sincere, smart, strong, and women you can basically talk to as if they were your best girlfriends!

– with Iza and Pia –

As I was about to head to the car, I then spotted three strong men standing out from the crowd of women: Lit Onrubia, Jun Bisnar, and my hubby.  All three are registered TBR Dream Marathoners and they used this race for their 20k training run. I decided to run an additional 2k with them and decided to DNF at 7k.

– Hubby with Lit Onrubia, Chi Running instructor, and Jun Bisnar, Nuvali GM –

After the race, I chatted with APRIL LEE of Pace Partners, a friend I met through this blog.  She leaves our country tomorrow and I wish I had been given the chance to get to know her better.

– April Lee and the Pace Partners –

It was a run filled with positive energy and women power.  It practically wiped my exhaustion away!

– with new mommy runner friends and their kids –

Read TBR archives of Pinay In Action here:
Pinay in Action 2009
Pinay in Action 2008
Pinay in Action 2007

Pinay In Action 2009

Monday, 30 March 2009  |  Race Reports


Overall Rating (10 highest): 6

– Unique idea: an All Women’s Run…how great is that?!
– Race for kids: 1.6 km team run
– Abundant supply of free food, sports drinks, and mineral water
– Inspirational “women power” signs along the route
– raises awareness for women’s issue (breast cancer, cervical cancer, violence vs. women, etc)

– Directional signs were aplenty
– Race marshals were everywhere

– Heavy traffic upon entrance into SM parking lot
– Drinks were distributed right smack in the middle of the route while the 5k/ 10k were still running thus causing traffic
– Late start
– Long queues at the rest rooms

Congratulations to Pinay In Action for a fun race!  Until the next year!


I left my racing hat at home and donned my running mommy cap for the Pinay In Action race yesterday morning. The hubby registered for the 10k, while I signed up for 1.6km with Little Miss Bull Runner. The night before (as I had expected), Bull Runner Jr. decided to come along. Yahoo, it was another family running affair for us.

We arrived at SM Mall of Asia to find the 10k/5k runners behind the starting line awaiting the gun start.  Hubby fled to the assembly while the kiddos and I went on a wild search for a clean, queueless bathroom, which we pleasantly found at Bona’s Coffee away from the long lines at the race area.  Our yaya came along to assist—not with the kids—but with the distribution of TBR Magazines and display of the banner (talk about yaya-of-all-trades).


– a sea of pink runners –


Sen. Pia Cayetano, practices what she preaches about being a Pinay in Action –

Before we knew it, we were waiting for our 1.6km kiddie race to start along with a small group of parents and their children.  I was well-prepared for this run; I carried a camera in one hand with a bag around my shoulder to carry everything else a running mommy must have: mineral water, Sports Beans, towels, and of course, band aid!  When I looked around, good friends JunC was with his three daughters, while MarkP was with his little runner too.  My son was hyper and excited, but Little Miss Bull Runner who had been the brains of this race from the start was in a foul mood.  I repeatedly reminded her that this was her choice and that there was to be absolutely no carrying throughout the race.  She answered with a sleepy nod.  Then, the race began.


– One of the rare times I’m willing to stop during a race just for a photo op –

We ran intervals during the race—run, walk, run, walk, run, walk.  My son was being his usual self, teasing the little one by running ahead of her every so often.  My daughter, who is really a mini bull runner, would instantly speed up once she saw Kuya getting ahead.  But, after a few meters, it was obvious she was getting tired.  She even had a 2-minute crying session when I let go of her hand to take her photo (I wasn’t informed that she wanted us to hold hands throughout the run!)  Midway through the run, she slowed down to a walk and whispered to me “My tummy is getting ouchy.  I need to eat.” So, we relaxed and chatted while my son gobbled up some Sports Beans.  When we neared the finish, I told them, “like all runners, we should finish strong by running towards the finish line.”  We held hands, stopped and counted “3…2…1…Go!” and off we went to run the last few meters.


– Big and small bull runners running –


– We did it! –

Both of my kids ended the race with their faces beaming with pride. After a few high fives and hugs, we waited patiently for their Papa to finish his 10k.  My son was tasked to distribute TBR Magazines along with yaya, while Little Miss Bull Runner started whining and complaining about how long this was all taking (I guess the hubby must break 45 minutes to please the kids!)  Pretty soon, we headed off to McDonald’s with the Cruz family where the kids got their much awaited reward: Happy Meals with Monster vs. Aliens toys.


– Canine runner in pink too –


Wandersoles + Happy Feet = Happy Soles or Wanderfeet? –


– with the Parco Family and Loony Runner


– with the Cruz family –

Photos courtesy of Jun Cruz.  Thanks Jun!

6th Annual 12-Hr Multi Sport Event

Wednesday, 10 September 2008  |  Race Announcements

Pinay In Action 

WHAT: The Gabriel Symphony Foundation’s 6th Annual 12-Hour Multi Sport for a Cause, In Memory of Gabriel

WHEN: September 27, 2008, 6 AM TO 6 PM

WHERE: Polo Field, Alabang Country Club


This is a fund raising event set up in memory of Gabriel Rene Cayetano Sebastian, the son of Senator Pia Cayetano and Atty. Butch Sebastian, who was born with a rare chromosomal disorder and passed away at the tender age of nine months.

The foundation supports children with disabilities.  Its major project is cleft-lip-and-palate operations for infants at the Philippine General Hospital, Malvar General Hospital and the V Luna Veterans Hospital.

Se. Pia with beneficiaries

For three years now, the Foundation has also included as its beneficiaries, blind and deaf children.  We work with Parent Advocates for Visually Impaired Children (PAVIC), the Ephpheta Foundation for the Blind Inc. wherein we donate artificial eyes and Braille books, Philippine School for the Deaf and the Philippine Ear Institute where we give out profound to severe hearing aids.

Your P1,000 donation/registration fee per participant enables registrant to join any of this year’s events:

New Event for Running Enthusiasts:

5km and 10km fun run

Race starts at 6 a.m.

Individual’s Choice:

Run, walk or bike for any distance and time between 6am-6pm. Aside from your donation, you may also wish to invite your friends to sponsor you for every kilometer that you run, walk or bike.  Discount for kids available.

Maxiwork’s Super Kids Aquathlon and Triathlon:

For kids who wish to join the aquathlon and  triathlon with distances based on their age category.

Pinay In Action All Women’s Triathlon:

An all women’s triathlon that has a very friendly distance of 500m swim, 15km bike and 3km run.

Corporate Relay:

Special donation and company’s employees come together for a team building activity and get fit by doing a 12 hour-relay.

And here’s great news:   

Maiqui Dayrit will doing his 4th birthday Ironman and Joey Torres will do his first! Maiqui and Joey are racing for the Foundation. To pledge support, you may email Maiqui at and Joey at

For details, click here.