“Date a Girl Who Runs” on Podcast

Thursday, 7 July 2011  |  Bullish Insights

I wrote Date a Girl Who Runs in less than 30 minutes on a whim (much like the way I started this blog) but with a lot of heart (just like the way I blog and run, too!)  And, I guess when you do things that way, it hits a cord with a lot of people—48,835 readers to be exact since I posted it in March 31 until now.

One of the readers who stumbled upon this humble blog and that little post of mine was Debbie Voiles, a certified Road Runners CA coach from Tampa, Florida and runner for over 30 years, who runs Mojo For Running, a very informative and comprehensive running blog and podcast.


Debbie wrote me asking if she could read Date a Girl Who Runs on her podcast and I, of course, was honored.

Click HERE to listen to Debbie’s Mojo for Running podcast on Date a Girl Who Runs.

To listen to the podcast online, click HERE.

It’s also on iTunes. Just go to the Mojo for Running podcasts at the iTunes store.