10 Predictions for 2013 from Madame Au-Bull-ring

Tuesday, 8 January 2013  |  Bullish Insights

I dusted off my crystal ball and felt it was time to make my predictions for 2013.  Last time I did this was in 2011 and, hey, I must say I got most predictions right…except for Coach Rio starring in a teleserye.

Here goes my predictions for 2013:

1) Runners will be choosy with their races.  Well, it doesn’t take a genius to predict this since we saw it happen in 2012.  Most runners will register for mostly big, high-quality, must-run events that they feel are absolutely worth joining.  They will be discerning with the races they participate in for several reasons:

– Financial – budget will allow for only one or two races per month
– Preference – runners enjoy running with their friends at more convenient venues than wake up for a race
– Need for something new – runners yearn for something new, not the same ol’ typical race

– Runners at one of the bigger races, Run United 2 –

2) More creative races.  Having said that, organizers will be compelled to make their races stand out above the clutter.  Last year, I believe we had almost a handful of zombie runs (my gawd, more than enough I think!)  This year, we saw the Color Manila Run held last weekend. It’s exciting to think what organizers will come up with next!  I vote for Kapre Run!

3) Runners will run faster.  The community matured and progressed in 2012.  Most runners have built their mileage base and are making great strides (no pun intended) in running.  These runners are ready and eager for fartleks, intervals, and tempo runs.

4) Runners will be smarter.  With more experience, runners will be smarter about running from training (more will hire coaches or join run clinics) to nutrition (they’ll study proper pre- and post-run nutrition and supplements) to gear (they’ll read reviews and books before making a purchase!)

– with one of the smartest runners I know. Kuya Kim aka Matanglawin! –

5) More women in running.  Gone are the days when women were few and far between in a race.  Now, women are running 10ks, marathons, and ultra marathons and are doing it well!  Expect to see also more races, gear, and shoes catering to women’s needs.  Let’s go, girls!

6) Going minimalist.  We saw the rise in interest for minimalist shoes over a couple of years back, but the craze continues.  While less people wear Vibram Five Fingers nowadays, we see the more popular running shoe brands having their own minimalist lines, such as Nike Frees, New Balance Minimus, and Mizuno Be.

7) Growth of triathlon.  More runners are interested in triathlon because it allows for cross-training, it’s less prone to injury, or it’s a new challenge from the usual running event.  The rise may also be due to the Ironman and Xterra brands coming into the country.  Still, this won’t negatively affect the sport of running because, for runners who do get into triathlon, this author included, they will always be runners at heart.  (Aaw shucks, kleenex please!)

8) Shooowbiz!  More showbiz peeps will join races.  Late 2012, we saw Anne Curtis, Bianca King, Solenn Heusaff, Daniel Matsunaga, Aubrey Miles, and Troy Montero  in races.  That’s on top of more experienced showbiz runners Piolo and Karylle and triathletes Kuya Kim Atienza, Drew Arellano, and Matteo Guidicelli.  Ack, I’m sure I’ve missed some celeb.  But, who cares, there’ll be more of them this year running with us.  Yet another reason why we should never leave home without our cameras or smartphones.  Eek, I’m such a fan.

– Fan girl pic. I saw Matteo lined up to check in his bike at Ironman 70.3 Cebu and I had to have my pic taken with him –

9) More new junk to buy.  I think we have more than enough running stores in the country so while these may open more branches, there shouldn’t be any new ones setting up anymore. But, I do see more run-specific gear that will tempt us to shell out more money.  Make sure the items you purchase are useful and practical!  After all, runners really only need a good pair of shoes!

10) May mabubuntis na runner.  Unang letra ng pangalan nya ay nagsisimula sa S.  Okay, okay, I’m kidding.  I just had to throw that in there because all fortune tellers predict that at the start of the new year, right?  (I watched a couple of them on The Buzz this Sunday, heehee)  And, yes, of course, I had to say it in tagalog for a more dramatic effect!

Happy New Year, runners!