How a Marathon Inspired Participants to Finish a Race

Tuesday, 6 July 2010  |  Press


The Bull Runner Dream Marathon was featured on Philippine Daily Inquirer today, July 6, 2010.  The well-written article was by  Lorenzo Manguiat, a proud finisher of TBR Dream.  Thank you, Lorenzo.

Click HERE to read the full article.

For all those dreaming of their first marathon in the most ideal and supportive environment, please make sure to read the LAST LINE of the linked article very very well.

TBR on Preview June 2009

Saturday, 6 June 2009  |  Press

Check out Preview’s June 2009 issue.  In its Body Works section, they featured Leica Carpo and I in an article on women runners.



The shoot was held over a month ago at the Polo field.  I finally got to meet Leica Carpo and chatted with her about—what else—running just before she left for Boston. 

It was a great experience.  An eye-opener when it came to fusing fashion with running, a possibility that only crossed my mind when I saw all the cool apparel, shoes, and accessories brought to the shoot by the editorial assistants.  It also further proved the point for me that running is indeed a booming sport, not just for Filipinos in general, but particularly among women.  There are more women runners now than ever before and I only hope to see more of us running—and leaving, ehem, the men behind.  (Sorry guys!)

P.S. Please don’t comment about the hair! My son said it looks like a “tarantula!”

TBR in Southern Living

Tuesday, 12 May 2009  |  Bullish Insights

I was fortunate enough to be featured in Southern Living magazine, March-April 2009 issue.  The title of the article was “Ahead of the Pack” and they called me the “Speed Mom,” which I initially reacted to with a burst of laughter, followed by a “Hmmm, I like!”

– Southern Living, Mar-Apr 2009, Cover –

– Feature on TBR –

I believe this was the first article on me that featured my life as both the pioneer of Baby Sign Language in the country and as the The Bull Runner.  Those two worlds never seemed to merge, save for a couple of people who knew me as both.  But, now I’m realizing that I can’t keep them so separate anymore.  

At first, I thought they depicted me as more active and busy than I really am.  But, upon reading it again, I realized it was pretty accurate covering my hectic but happy life as mom, entrepreneur, and overly obsessed runner slowly making my way into triathlon.  They misspelled my last name and gave out the wrong blog address, but after calling me “Speed Mom” those are non-issues to me!

The magazine also featured a friend, Patrick Joson, a running coach who trains in Alabang.  I first met him at the Takbong May Yabang race in Cuenca Park last year.  Since then, he has been inviting me to run with them at the Ayala Alabang golf course and, with the improving foot, I hope to do so soon.


– Feature on Patrick Joson –

Note:  Yes, I know this is old news as it was the last two month’s issue.  But, it took me quite a while to post this as my scanner died last month.  Hence, the slightly hazy images above using my digicam.

* Thanks to Ben Chan of Photovendo and Dindo Caguiat (RunningDATcom) for the photos.

TBR on Good Times with Mo

Wednesday, 1 April 2009  |  Press

I was driving home this morning from a long morning at the pool with TI instructor, Nonoy, and classmate, Dondi, and as always I was listening to my favorite morning habit on 89.9, “Good Times with Mo” with Mo Twister, Mojo, and Grace Lee.  

There is not a weekday (except Fridays when they’re not on) that I don’t listen to this trio on the radio.  They’re discussions are thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating, but most importantly, they are downright funny.  I can’t count how many times I’ve laughed out loud alone in the car after taking the kids to school or coming home from a training run.  Needless to say, I am a huge fan.  Huge! 

This morning, it was not a surprise that Sen. Pia Cayetano was on the show.  She was a guest last week and a couple of days ago she was a guest on Mo Twister’s TV show as well to discuss current issues, promote her advocacies, and of course, touch on her personal life as well (which, fortunately for us, includes running.)  But, what surprised me was this: Mojo Jojo mentioning The Bull Runner Magazine!  Yes, he did!

So, TBR was NOT actually on the show (as written on the title of this post which was made only to fool you into reading this), but TBR Magazine was there, in the hands of Mojo, to be exact.  He basically asked Sen. Pia about her training program and mentioned that he was reading about it in The Bull Runner Magazine.  Woohooo…what a pleasant surprise!  Good Times with Mo, you just made my day!

Thanks to Sen. Pia for bringing your copy of TBR Magazine!

TBR in Sunday Inquirer Magazine

Sunday, 22 February 2009  |  Press

Guess who’s on today’s issue of Sunday Inquirer Magazine?

The article below is about how I successfully recruited hubby into the world of addictive running. Er, I mean, how running has become a part of our lives. Thanks to Joy Rojas (yes, of Takbong Pangarap fame) for the wonderful article…

Inquirer2 001

The next article is about the 9 top running routes and 5 bloggers/websites, namely Ben,, Running Shield, Bald Runner, and TBR. Thanks to Leica Carpo for the feature!

Inquirer1 001

Congrats to good friend Ben Chan (Photovendo) whose photos practically filled the entire magazine!