Race to the Provinces!

Friday, 11 September 2009  |  Race Announcements

My friends and I were chatting about the running boom recently, saying how we’re not even at the peak yet. We wondered how running would evolve in the months to come: the expected increase in numbers of registrants per race (if Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon can reach 50,000 registrants.  Why can’t we?), potential growth of trail running, ultramarathons, and triathlons, and the possibility of running and races trickling down to other areas of the country. For the latter, it looks like it’s starting to happen with major race events (aside from the Milo series) heading for the provinces. Isn’t it great?!

1) TNF in CDO. This will be an awesome race to join. After my thrilling TNF experience at Clark, I’m seriously tempted to try it again. But, CDO will have to wait.  I cannot just abandon all the great marathons in Manila during October and I have to start saving up for Singapore!  Maybe next year if they’ll have a second run…


2) Cebu Marathon. This is one race to look forward to. It would be a wonderful reason to travel and a good alternative to racing abroad. Click here to visit website.

Cebu Marathon

3) Camsur Marathon? I heard rumors of a Camsur Marathon in the works right after the successful Ironman 70.3 last month. This would be a great race too, if they start very early to beat the heat (which I heard was a killer at Ironman 70.3.)

I predict more provincial races in the months to come.  Perhaps the good people at Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines can offer discounted running packages to spur the growth of running and local tourism at the same time?  Great idea, huh?