TBR Dream Marathon Video: The 22-week Journey to the Marathon by Ripple 100

Friday, 9 March 2012  |  Bullish Insights

Please take the time out to watch this special video showing the 22-week journey our TBR Dream Marathoners have gone through. We met them for the first time in October 2011 to walk for 45 minutes in Bonifacio High Street. In our last Bull Session in NUVALI last February, majority had run the farthest ever in their lives hitting 3 1/2 hours.

Nine days from now, on March 18, 2012, they will run 42.195 km. After they cross that finish line, their lives will never be the same.

View more stories and features of our TBR Dream Marathoners on MoveforMove.org. Click HERE to visit our own page on their site.

Ripple100 is a media and technology company that develops transmedia experiences for high-affinity communities, or tribes. They build networks of online and offline places, activities and events where people can meet members of the tribe, get to know who’s who, discover evolving community narratives, vibe and culture, including an authentic, organic way to interact with brands, products and services who act as tribal allies, not as intrusive advertisers. Ripple100’s mantra is “Stories, Movements. Not Ads”.

Move! Share! And Inspire! @ MoveforMove.Org

Friday, 28 October 2011  |  Race Announcements

Their story, yours and mine — it’s what we all carry with us on this trip we take, and we owe it to each other to respect our stories and learn from them.

—William Carlos Williams

Each runner, each marathoner, has his or her own story to tell. And each story can inspire one, or two, or twenty others to take that first step and take on bigger dreams.

One problem I had after both TBR Dream Marathons was an overloaded inbox. After each TBR Dream, my Inbox would be filled to the brim with stories, letters, or thank you notes, from our runners sharing how their first marathon impacted their lives.

A few of them would make it to this blog, but I could never post them all. I felt guilty for being unable to share all of these meaningful stories.  I felt frustrated that some of them would forever be locked away in my archives unread by others knowing full well that one story could touch another person’s life.


Recently, I was featured on a new and impressive website called moveformove.org. It is essentially a storytelling site for, with, and by people who run, bike, swim, race and pursue other endurance sports.  It is brilliantly made and managed by a young team of artists and athletes who—just by viewing the site—put their mind, heart, and soul into this site.  (I love how they chased after me for data on the past TBR Dreams just so they could create an infographic for us! Love them!  See it HERE)

Soon after they interviewed me for this, I had an idea. What if I partnered with moveformove and asked for their help in sharing the stories of the next batch of 600 runners from TBR Dream Marathon?  That way all stories could be told.  No story left behind in my Inbox!

Just like how TBR Dream was born—swiftly and smoothly—the partnership between TBR Dream Marathon and Move for Move was forged. And, as with anything else I get into when it comes to running, I am overwhelmed with excitement. I’m doing cartwheels, can you see?!


What does this mean for TBR Dream Marathoners?

1) Features on MoveForMove.Org

Ripple 100, a moveformove media partner, will be covering our 6-month journey culminating on raceday. Some of you will be interviewed and featured via documentary and short film type content on the website featuring our collective experience in DM3.

Actually, some of you have debuted already on the website! Check out the link HERE.

2) Opportunity to share your story and speak your mind

Now that we’ve partnered with MoveForMove, we have our own page where we can share our stories just by the click of a button:

  • You can share your story on moveformove. They’ve set this all up for us. And it even links to Facebook! By telling stories, we hope to get more of our friends and family to start starting and stop stopping.
  • You can share videos you’ve made.
  • You can share your thoughts. We will be posting Dream Triggers. Dream Triggers are meant to stir you, to reflect on your ongoing experience, to share your favorite (and not so favorite) parts of training, to connect with Dream Marathoners past and present, to build community through storytelling, and above all to inspire each other in our quest for our Dream Marathon. For each Dream Trigger, you can respond through 140 character text or by sharing videos or photos.
  • You can hear the voices of other runners. You’ll get to read what your TBR Dream Batchmates are saying

3) Be an Inspiration to Others

Last but not the least…

This gives you the chance to be heard, to share your own journey towards your first marathon. You too can be an inspiration to anyone and everyone who stumbles upon the website.

Click HERE to visit the TBR Dream page on MoveforMove.Org.  Oh, and don’t forget to bookmark the site, too!

Thank you to Ripple 100’s Andre Yap and Gabe Mercado and the rest of the team for the excellent work!