Sign Up: GoWell Run Stronger on 21 April 2018

Thursday, 12 April 2018  |  News + Promos

GoWell, Sun Life’s wellness community, holds regular community workouts throughout the city.  The events are open to all members of GoWell.  Membership is free!  Just visit their website to sign up!

The next community workout is GoWell Run Stronger.  Click HERE if you wish to reserve your slot!   (more…)

Bull Session 5: March 5 @ BHS

Wednesday, 2 March 2011  |  News + Promos

ATTENTION TBR DREAM MARATHONERS! It’s our last Bull Session this coming Saturday! How time flies! Hope to see you there!

NOTE: If you have your MEDICAL CERTIFICATE already, we will accept submission during this Bull Session.  Give it to our staff at the registration booth.


Here’s where the assembly area will be for the Bull Session this Saturday in BHS:

Slide 1
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Mizuno Run Club

Friday, 13 March 2009  |  Race Announcements

Mizuno Run Club, headed by Coach Ige Lopez, is back! Sessions begin on March 26, 2009, every Thursday at Mizuno, Bonifacio High Street. It’s a 10-week training program leading up to the Mizuno Inifinity Run on June 7, 2009.

The run club is open to all runners. But, they are now offering the MIZUNO RUN CLUB MEMBERSHIP to those wearing Mizuno running shoes. If you attend regularly, you get the chance to receive special perks such as free drinks, gift certificate, singlets, and a Mizuno Loyalty Card.

Click here for more info.

Nike Run Clinic: Day 3

Wednesday, 26 November 2008  |  Bullish Insights


– with Jay (who looks like a firefly here), Coach Rio, friend, Vimz, Wilbert, Mark, and Jun.  (Chris, never leave before the photo op!) –

Silly me for thinking I could do an easy 10k during Day 3 of Nike Run Clinic.  My training at Ultra last night was quite the opposite. 

After the usual warm up and stretching, Coach Rio asked the group two questions: 1) who had injuries, and 2) who was going to run at Singapore; both times I raised my hand.  We were then divided into groups during which my bullheaded self requested permission to cross over to the uninjured group instead.  Coach Rio and Jo-Ar obliged telling me to simply stop should I encounter any pain.

I found myself with Jun and Mark under the supervision of Coach John. Jay and Chris joined the group several minutes later.  We were to run 3 x 200m with 100m walks for recovery.  My goal time was 40 sec.  Phew.  Just thinking about it made my heart rate skyrocket but, at the same time, I was looking forward to doing intervals again which I hadn’t done since summer.  (Ssssh, don’t tell anyone.)

In a few words, that workout was lung-busting, vomit-inducing, and really tiring, but it was a lot of fun. I also picked up a few tips from Coach Rio and Coach John who took note of my “lazy wrists” and helped me correct my form. I ended the run without injury but Coach Rio advised me to continue with the ice—not in my drink, Mark—but on my knee. 

I must say that I don’t enjoy intervals as much as long runs, but I always end track workouts feeling proud of myself for merely being able to walk back to my car alive and well.  I’m so looking forward to Nike Run Clinic Day 4. Tempo Workout, here I come!

Thank you to the wonderful coaches: Rio, John, Jo-Ar and Roel and the rest of the team.

Nike Training Clinics – Register NOW

Friday, 7 November 2008  |  News + Promos

Finally, runners are getting the attention and care that they deserve…

To promote the love for running and to help those who are already in love with it, Nike is starting a training clinic for runners. The NIKE RUNNING TRAINING CLINIC offers a 16-module training for beginning as well as advanced runners, free of charge! There will be two training sessions every week, plus scheduled rest days and run-on-your-own assignments. The sessions will be supervised by Coach Rio de la Cruz, himself a passionate runner and an inspiring teacher.


Each training session will have a maximum of 100 participants. So registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  



To sign up, click here to visit its cool website.  Remember: You have to SIGN UP for a session even after you REGISTER.  I’m the 2nd registrant for the Nov. 14 Orientation…I can’t wait!

Great job, Nike!