TBR Dream Marathon 2014: Do You Want to be a Marathoner?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013  |  Race Announcements



TBR Dream Marathon is the first and only marathon in the world that caters to first- and second-time marathoners.  While we focus on giving you the best race of your life on marathon day, February 16, 2014, it is also important to highlight the journey getting there.  TBR Dream Marathon gives you a 22-week marathon training program developed by my co-founder, Jim Lafferty.  Our training this year starts on September 16, 2013.   We also give you free Bull Sessions (run clinics) led by our Principal Coach, Lit Onrubia, and Bull Circles (running talks) given by experts such as Dr. George Canlas, Dr. Randy Molo, and Coach Jim Saret once a month leading up to the race.  The best part of this all is running with 799 other runners who will share the same concerns, fears, joys, and triumphs with you as you work towards your dream.

On February 16, 2014, it will be the 5th TBR Dream Marathon so it will be an extra special occasion for us and our runners.


So, now, what most of you have been waiting for!  Announcing the opening of RESERVATION for TBR Dream Marathon 2014!  Details below:

  • WHAT: Reservation for TBR Dream Marathon 2014 opens. 800 slots only.  First come, first served basis.  Strictly for first- or second-time marathoners only.
  • WHEN: FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, 2013 at 12:00 noon
  • WHERE: Run.ph, our official registration partner
  • HOW MUCH: Reservation of slots is FREE OF CHARGE. If you qualify registration fee of P3,200 will be collected during the registration period.

Just to give you an idea about how fast this thing will go.  Last year, all 800 slots were filled within 55 minutes.  And that was with my blog crashing twice because of the  unexpected load.  This time, we’ve collaborated with Run.ph to give you a smoother reservation experience.  Run.ph is owned by a friend and TBR Dream Alumni himself, Raymond Racaza, and I thank him for supporting us and our Dreamers.


Now, here’s another surprise!  For those of you who don’t know much about TBR Dream Marathon yet, we’ve also launched our TBR Dream Marathon website: www.tbrdream.com to provide you with all the info you need BEFORE you sign up for the marathon.

Take the time this week to browse through the website and decide if this dream is for you.  Read ABOUT TBR DREAM MARATHON, the 15 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN TBR DREAM MARATHON, and browse through the TESTIMONIALS of some of our TBR Dream Alumni. Go through our RACE RULES & REGULATIONS so you know what you’re getting into and get some of your questions answered in our FAQs.  Don’t forget to go out and ask your running friends too and hear first-hand stories about their Dream Marathon experience.

Then, when all the research is done, sit down and think about this marathon dream of yours and decide if you’re willing to commit to it.  If it’s a yes, then we hope to run with you soon on the road towards TBR Dream Marathon 2014!

To stay updated, best to check this blog, tbrdream.com, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Run.ph: The Game Changer for the Philippines’ Online Running Community

Monday, 25 March 2013  |  News + Promos, Race Announcements

I’ve been blogging about running for almost six years now and, through the years, I’ve been witness to some great things in running.  How the community has grown from a couple thousands to tens of thousands.  How races grew in number from once a month to every weekend or even more.  How almost everyone is a runner now or knows a runner.   How the online community grew from blogs, forums, websites, social media sites, and more.  It is still growing…and evolving.

Today, I met Raymond Racaza, the founder of a new running website: Run.ph.

I will tell you now that I predict this to be the new and primary source of running information for the local running community.  I visited the site and it is everything—and more—of what majority of the runners now need and want. Myself included.

– Screenshot of Run.ph –

Here’s what you can expect:

1) Simple and easy to navigate.  The website is clean and simple.  From the home page, one can see upcoming races.  One click and you get the basic info.  Another click and you get all the race information you need.

2) Convenient online race registration.  If the race organizer allows for online registration through Run.ph, you can join the race through the site.  If you had already created an account in the Run.ph, all information will be stored and you will never need to input your information again.

3) My Run.ph Page.  You can have your own page enlisting the races you wish to join.  After the race, you can post notes on your thoughts about the race.

4) Share to Facebook and Twitter.  You can sign in via Facebook.  From your My Run.ph page, you can click on a race and with one click you can share to your friends on Facebook that you’ll be joining the race.

5) Run.ph Mobile App.  Soon, there will a Run.ph app for smartphones.

6) Results via text.  For some races, runners may sign up for text alerts regarding the release of the official results.

7) Directory — SOON.  The site will have a complete list of coaches, running stores, and more.

8) Articles — SOON.  Interesting articles from various contributors will be posted.

9) No ads.  Raymond was clear about this.  He will not be posting ads on the website for two reasons: first, he prefers a clean look with no “billboards” screaming at his readers and, secondly, the site is an advocacy; he doesn’t plan to make money out of it.  (Hurrah for you, Raymond!)

And, last but not the least…

10) Borne out of passion for running.  Through the years, I’ve seen it all.  Bloggers, organizers, and events that were fueled by the opportunity to make a quick buck from the running boom and how quickly they disappeared or, if they stayed, how the product simply fell or still falls below everyone’s standards.  But, I’ve also seen people—visionaries, dreamers, achievers—who are driven by their passion for running who wished for nothing more than to give back to the sport that gave them so much.  Today, I saw that in Raymond.

Raymond started running after his wife gave birth.  His weight had ballooned to 180 lbs as he ate along with their new baby.  He got into running as a means to drop back to his regular 140 lbs.  In 2008, he bought the domain name Run.ph.

This dream of his took him a full five years to create.  It is obvious that a lot of thought went into creating a website that is so simple and easy to navigate.  It is equally obvious that this is a passion project for him.  He doesn’t want to earn from it.  He doesn’t want to be popular through it.  In his words “I just want to give back to running because it changed my life.”

And, with that, Raymond and Run.ph get my full support.  Visit Run.ph now.