Mabuhay si SFRunner

Wednesday, 12 November 2008  |  Bullish Insights


– Clockwise: TBR, Dindo (RunningDATcom), Wayne (SFRunner), Doray (Doralicious), Gene (Barracuda Running), Eric (Run for Change), Bards (Banana Running) and Jay (Prometheus Cometh). Not in photo: Marga (The Changeling Child) –

Last Monday evening, a few of us running bloggers had dinner with Wayne, who is on a 10-day vacation here in Manila, at Sentro, Greenbelt.  

Truth be told, Wayne and I are not very close. Even online, we are not the best virtual pals with only a few comments exchanged between each other’s blogs. But, I was so curious to meet this man who has such a strong online presence in the local running community via blogs and egroups—even if he doesn’t have a single drop of Pinoy blood in his body.

When I first met Wayne at VSO, it was hi and hello.  During dinner last Monday, I was fortunate enough to have conversed with him longer and to finally get to know more about the SFRunner.

Wayne shared the story about how he serendipitously got chosen by cross-country and track coaches in high school after he ran the fastest mile at PE class.  Since then, he has run almost 60,000 miles with 900 races under his belt. With all that experience, you would think he would go on and on about his achievements in his running career, but he doesn’t; this guy is as humble as you can get. 

At one point during our conversation, he even gets serious as he shares his dream for our Filipino elite runners to join the Olympics and the need to uplift running here in the country.  Wayne seems to be more Pinoy than most of our fellowmen.  I think that if there is anyone who should be given honorary membership into the Filipino running community, it should be Wayne aka SF Runner.  

Hope you enjoy your stay here, Wayne!  10 days is too short.

To the running bloggers, it was fun!  We should do it again.  Next time sana may chicharon bulaklak at si Jay ang magbayad ng lahat 🙂

Click here to visit Wayne’s blog: SF Runner.