The Running Dead – A Race to Stay Alive on

Tuesday, 21 February 2012  |  Race Announcements

If there’s one race we ought to train for it’s this. If you’re slow, you die! (Insert evil laughter here!)

EVENT NAME: The Running Dead – A Race to Stay Alive
DATE & TIME: April 21, 2012, Saturday 5pm gun-start
TARGET PARTICIPANTS: 1,000 ; 1,100 max
VENUE: Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa on and off-road course

For inquiries, visit their Facebook page: runningdead2012



The race is organized by SouthTri, a triathlon team whose members I see often: on the road, at the gym, during spinning class…they’re everywhere!  With this new knowledge that they’re probably Zombies disguised as triathletes methinks I shouldn’t be too friendly.  (Kidding!) In their words, here’s why they thought of this race and why you should support it:

South Tri.  The friendliest soon-to-be zombies in town with Eric Puno, owner of Army Navy –

The background story for this race is that as a team, we all agreed that on our third year of operations we would start looking outwards and consider outreach or give back to the sport that we love. Initially we thought of donating a fixed amount each, but the effort is painless and the memories are short-lived.

This race, ALL OF THE PROCEEDS after race costs are going to four (4) deserving graduates of the Super Tri Kids program run by Ani de Leon. The kids are from provinces like Binan and as it is with so many athlete hopefuls in any sport who fall through the cracks after their junior training status, they discover that sustaining a training program through to young adulthood is expensive and deprives their families of one able body to help with the family finances.

Our team wants these high-potential kids to keep training and progressing in the sport.

We considered doing a normal fun-run but we wanted to do something that would attract people outside of our usual circles. We came across a race concept “Run for your Lives” in the U.S. and modeled our race after that. We have no illusions of turning into race organizers because we love to train and this takes up too much of our time! That was the point really, to put our time into it vs. the quick and easy option of donating money. We do not have any plans to do a sequel or sequels of this race .. unless people ask us to.

The main goal, our focus, is to raise funds this April and help grow a new batch of elite triathletes. We were shocked to say the least when we found out about another race with the same concept, we’ve been talking to Dan and Ani about the kids since October last year and put the race details together in November. Feels a little like a David v. Goliath seeing that the organizer of the other race has some big media guns behind it but it’s all good – Filinvest Alabang is our home turf and we have fast triathlete friends who’ve got our back so to speak as our chasers. After all, what good is a chase race if you think you stand a chance? : )