When I Grow Up I Wanna Be Just Like Kim

Wednesday, 5 October 2011  |  Bullish Insights

Way back in 2008, at the One La Salle Run, I was heading home after the race when a lady with a unique accent was introduced to me. I don’t recall what we talked about nor did I even remember her name at that time.  But, we did have our picture taken together.


– One La Salle Run, July 2008 –

Later on, I learned her name was Kim.  And, she had no Filipino blood in her, but she called our country her home.  I heard too that she was a devout runner.  While other ladies her age would relax at home, she was out there pounding the pavement with her hired coach.  If not, she was painting, playing with her dogs, traveling, or thinking about the next marathon to run in the world.

In the months to come, it was inevitable that Kim and I would cross paths.  Not once or twice, but very often because of the shared interests and common friends.  I learned more about Kim.  She’s has an indomitable spirit.  And, she’s very strong-willed and determined.  You simply can’t say no to her.  She ran half marathons and marathons as often as many of us half her age would.  She went to Bataan Death March…twice.  That says it all, I guess.


– In Singapore with best running buddy Annie and Kim for the Singapore Marathon 2009 –

– 2009.  One of the best runs ever. Long, slow run with a bunch of friends followed by a dip in Kim’s pool and sumptuous dessert after –

As I learned more about Kim, I also learned a lot from her…I still do.  Our conversations always start with running and somewhere in there—whether in passing or said twice or thrice over for extra emphasis—Kim will teach me a thing or two about running, friendship, marriage, family, and life.

Kim once told me: “Jaymie, never ever run a marathon twice.”  Her reason being that we only have a number of marathons to run in our lifetime and there are so many marathons in the world offering a different race experience that we should always explore new ones.  She had a point.  And, that’s what I aim to do (except for NYCM where I just have unfinished business to settle.  Sorry Kim!)


– Photo of Kim by our good friend, Ben Chan –

Kim runs a lot less now.  But, it doesn’t mean she’s slowed down at all or is less competitive.  She’s found her happiness in dancing and, just like in marathoning, she travels and explores the world with her feet—only this time with dancing shoes.


– Kim at her dance competition abroad –

When I grow up, I want to be just like Kim.  Never ever slowing down.  Always searching for the next adventure to take on.  Embracing every opportunity to grow, learn, and improve.  Living her life to the fullest and always with a smile.  Perhaps, the only difference would be. Instead of ballroom, I’ll be dancing hiphop!  (Sssshh, that’s my next secret goal!)