“This is My Specialized” Facebook Photo Contest

Saturday, 25 August 2012  |  News + Promos

Interested in winning a brand new pair of S-Works Road/MTB cycling shoes worth P15,000?  If you’re a proud owner of a Specialized bike, Specialized invites you to join “This is My Specialized” Facebook Photo Contest!  (Please remember that the contest starts AUGUST 27.)

FB Contest E-Poster FINAL!

Contest Mechanics

1) “Like” the Specialized Philippines Facebook Fan Page

2) Upload your photo to the Specialized Philippines Facebook Fan Page

3) Fill in the details of your Specialized bike in the box “Add a Description”:


• Name, Gender, and Age: Juan Lightning, Male, 30 Years Old

• Model and Highlights : S-works Roubaix with SRAM Red, Roval Rapide CLX60 wheels, Speedplay Zero Pedals, Specialized Toupe saddle

• About MY Specialized : “This is my Roubaix. It has taken me over mountains, through tunnels, across fields, over cobbles and into the most vicious headwinds. But most importantly, it has taught me how to feel most alive every time I go out for a ride.”

4) Invite your friends to “Like” your photo. Only five (5) photo entries with the most number of “Like” votes will be selected for final review by the Specialized Judges Team, so don’t be shy with your friends! (They will have to first “Like” the Specialized Philippines Fan Page if they haven’t done so already)

5) All five (5) Finalists receive a Specialized Goody Bag (Shirt, Water Bottle, and Complementary Bike Wash and Tune-up)

6) The WINNING ENTRY will be decided based on the following criteria:

• Relevance to the theme “This is MY Specialized” = 40 Points
• Photographic Quality = 30
• Creativity / Originality / Spelling & Grammar = 20
• Viral Appeal / Impact = 10
100 Points

7) Only Specialized bikes may be entered in this Photo Contest.

8) A participant may enter only one (1) Photo entry. So make it count!

9) Contest Period is from August 27 to September 28, 2012.

10) The Winning Entry will be announced on October 5, 2012.

11) The winner may choose between road or mountain bike cycling shoes.

*By joining the “This is MY Specialized Photo Contest”, the participant agrees that all photo entries become the property of Dan’s, the exclusive Philippine distributor of Specialized, and may be used for promotional purposes, with due credit being given to the photographer.

Road to IM 70.3: 6:49

Thursday, 26 July 2012  |  Bullish Insights

6:49. That’s the target time set by Specialized for me to finish Ironman 70.3. If I finish before then, I own the handsomest bike I have ever set my eyes on, the Specialized Shiv, that was loaned to me during the past few months. If I don’t, then I’ll have to purchase the Shiv if I want to keep him.


My thoughts:

1) Holy #@%*#! What did I get myself into?! I am dead!

2) It’s a fair target time. It’s achievable, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park too. I can do this! I will do this! I will own that Shiv!

3) Holy #@%*#! I can’t ride that fast! I’d rather pay for the bike then kill myself on the road! (Wait. I take that back. I think my husband will kill me first if I have to pay for that bike!)

4) I’ve done the work. I am physically and mentally ready for Ironman 70.3. Move over Pete Jacobs!

5) Holy #@%*#! I have to run that fast under intense heat after swimming and biking?!

6) 6:49? Pffft. I’ll finish 10 minutes before then with time to spare to kiss the Shiv, hug my coaches, and high five my teammates.

7) Uhm. Why am I doing this again?

Like many other triathletes signed up for Ironman 70.3 Cebu, I’m experiencing a wild mix of emotions—fear, excitement, anxiety, restlessness, doubt, confidence, and more—in the last two weeks leading up to the race.  In short, I’m going nuts!  (This target time is pushing me even closer to the edge, ya know!)

No one knows how our race will go. All we know now is what we did in the past months to prepare our bodies, our minds, and our hearts to endure whatever is out there in the water and on the road.

Target time or not, I’ll be giving my best come August 5 anyway. We probably all will. So, I’m heading into the race giving everything I’ve got, hoping for the best, and I’ll just swim, ride, and run strong heeding my coach’s last orders: GIVE THEM HELL!

Wish me luck. And, if you have time, please say a short prayer for me.

Holy Shiv!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012  |  Gear + Gadgets

HolyShiv copy

HOLY SHIV! That’s all I could say—well, okay, something that sounded like that—when I saw the new tri bike that Specialized was going to loan me.

My new bike is a Specialized Shiv Comp Rival.  It’s a tri specific model. 10 speed. Fully adjustable cockpit.  And, as if it was made for me, it has an internal hydration bladder!

The Shiv is the same model that Craig Alexander, seen in the ad above, used to win the Ironman World Championship last year.

There’s only around 10 of these in the Philippines.  When I saw it, I was overwhelmed.  I thought: I’m just a newbie. I’m not worthy.

BUT, man, whenever I take a look at this handsome bike, I just drool.  And smile.  And I wanna train all day and ride fast in it (heehee!)  It’s love at first sight, really.

– Me and my new baby…or boyfriend…whatever label is fine with me –

– with Joey Ramirez of Dan’s Bikeshop, distributor of Specialized –

So, here’s the deal with Specialized. The Shiv will be on loan as I train for Ironman 70.3 Cebu. Specialized will set a target time for me. If I reach it, the bike is mine. If I don’t, they will offer it to me at a discount.

It’s not like I needed an incentive to do my best at Ironman 70.3 Cebu. But, ya know, this sure makes the journey a whole lot sweeter!

– Hey shiv, you’re gonna be mine! –

For inquiries on Specialized bikes, please contact:
Dan’s Bike Shop
Phone: 894-5110
Email: maris_delamerced@yahoo.com
Facebook: search for dan’s bike shop or specialized philippines
Website: www.specialized.com