TBR DM Story: Candice Belza, Bib No. 065

Wednesday, 11 April 2012  |  Bullish Insights

I’m a sucker for love stories. Toss in a bit of marathoning to the mix and I’m hooked.

Here’s a great running love story from TBR Dream Marathoner Candice Belza, Bib No. 065…


Teamwork. Commitment.That’s what my first marathon is all about.

My pacer who became a marathoner in the recent Condura Skyway race got sick (sorethroat, diarrhea and fever) 2 days before the TBR Dream marathon day. Since I had cramps in the St. Luke’s EYE Run a week before, I was scared of 42k. Even dreaded it more because my pacer was sick and I might not make it without him. But he promised to run for me and with me. After all, we had been training for March 18, 2012 for 5 months.

Race day came and we had a strong start. We were pacing it right. No sign of fatigue during the first half. However, at 24km, my pacer felt bloated and started to feel the urge to make a potty break. We had to make long walks and short runs. Finally, the potty break at the top of the hill. He asked me if I was going to wait. Of course I was going to wait for him. I waited and while the runners were passing by… I felt that everyone else was ahead and that my pacer was taking too long. I was disappointed and I was in a hurry. There was a little voice that told me to go ahead. I felt strong and could make a sub 5. My pacer even suggested that I go ahead. But I could not leave him behind. He was there for me all throughout my long runs in the 5 months of training and never left me even if he thought I was a pain in the ass. I chose to run with him notwithstanding the little competitive voice that told me to go for a strong finish and hug the spotlight.

We ran together. Walked together. I didn’t complain.  At 32 km, he paced himself and admitted to me that he was getting tired. While I reminded him of why we were running, I felt very strong during the race. I didn’t hit a wall. I made sure that my pacer and I would cross the finish line together. And we did finish strong at 5:52 for all our 3 children to see! I believe I became tough on race day because I had to support my husband. And that is what it is all about.

Marathoning brings out the best in you just like in a Marriage. It’s teamwork for those who are committed to succeed.  Happy anniversary, honey!