The 4th TBR Dream Marathon 2013

Wednesday, 27 February 2013  |  Race Reports

It’s been three days since 584 finishers crossed the finish line of our 4th TBR Dream Marathon and I’m still on a high.

Every year, I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to witness runners cross that finish line ribbon and see for myself the power, beauty, and magic of a marathon all at once. There’s nothing like it. No words can express the spirit of the marathon, the transformation that occurs within each runner.

Hopefully, these photos will give you a glimpse of what some of our TBR Dreamers experienced that day. There will be more photos and, as is the tradition, marathon stories to be shared almost every week here on this blog from the runners themselves  with the hope of inspiring even more people to go for their marathon dream.

Enjoy and see how these people lived their dream. For more info, visit

All photos courtesy of Tong Pascua Photography.

– The start. And yes, we’re the first race with Garmin as our official timekeeper –

– Farrah at the finish –

– Marice Laxa-Pangilinan finishes her first 42k a day before her birthday. She was paced by husband Anthony –

– Ecstatic finish! –

– Planet Sports President Anton Gonzales finishes his first marathon with his wife Mia who finished both her first and now 2nd marathon at TBR Dream –

– Happiness, laughter, and triumph at the finish line –

– Our host Boy Ramos hugs his wife as she finishes her 2nd marathon at TBR Dream –

– A marriage proposal for a new marathoner! She gets a medal and a ring! –

– Tina and husband Dennis, a diabetic, both finished their first marathon –

– Mommy Rhea and her biggest fans –

– Joanne runs towards the finish with the full support of Dream Chasers behind her –

– Joanne crosses the finish line beating the cut off by 3 minutes! –

– TBR Dream Team: Neville, myself, Jun, Macel, and Lit.  Missing in photo: Jim. –

– TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Medal –

Get Your Freakin’ Shirts Now!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013  |  Gear + Gadgets


Forty F@%#in Two!

Friday, 11 January 2013  |  News + Promos

We asked our shirt designer, Monching of Team Norman & Team Triabetics and owner of TeamPh who is, incidentally, a participant of TBRDM 2013, to come up with a shirt for TBR Dream Team’s uniform for TBR Dream Marathon.

Crazy guy!  This is what he came up with.

Between you and me though, I looooove it!  You gotta admit. Somewhere between Km 35 to 41, this is what your mind is screaming!


P.S. No, we’re not printing them!

Dream Chaser or Pacer for TBR Dream Marathon, anyone?

Thursday, 10 January 2013  |  News + Promos

– Dream Chasers last TBR Dream Marathon 2012 –

We always say that The Bull Runner Dream Marathon is not just about letting first-time or second-time marathoners reach their marathon dream. It is also about experienced marathoners being given the opportunity to give back to the running community, to give new runners the same support and motivation they received from others. To basically pay it forward.

If you are NOT a participant of TBR Dream Marathon, but you want to be a part of it. This is the way.
If you are NOT interested in running your own race and you are willing to set aside the time and effort to help others run 42km by providing them support, without receiving anything in return but a smile and a huge Thank You, then this could be your chance.

We are now accepting applicants for DREAM CHASERS and PACERS for TBR Dream Marathon 2013. We only have 60 slots for Dream Chasers and 50 slots for Pacers.

For more info and for the link to the sign up sheet, please click on this link:


TBRDM 2013: Bull Circle 3 – Full-er House!

Friday, 23 November 2012  |  News + Promos

We’re just getting bigger and bigger!  Over 300 runners came to attend our Bull Circle 3 last Wednesday with Coach Jim Saret as our speaker.

– Coach Jim –

Before Coach Jim discussed Strength Conditioning, Balance, and Core Work to prepare the body for the marathon, TBR Dream Alumni Lala Bautista shared her personal experience running TBRDM twice over (Batch 2011 and 2012!)

– Patty, Lala, Jeff of Pinoy Fitness, Reujen, Monching of Team ph –

– Coach Jim discusses strength and stability –

– Over 300 runners eager to learn more about running! –

– Exercise time! –

– Balance! –



– Volunteers demo for the audience –

– Craig Logan and family joined us –

– Marcia tries to balance –

Enervon Activ provided samples for all runners.  Spibelt gave one lucky winner a Spibelt pouch.  Garmin showed us their newest model: Garmin Forerunner 10!

It was another informative and fun evening with the TBR Dreamers!

– with Coach Jim Saret –

– Our mow-del Macel presenting the new Garmin Forerunner 10. TBR Dreamers can get this watch at 20% off –



See you for Bull Session 3 on Dec. 1! For TBRDM Calendar, click HERE.