Is Running Bad for my Teeth?

Friday, 22 January 2010  |  Bullish Insights


I was happily chewing on my holiday indulgence (even if the holidays are over), chocolate almonds from Classic Confections, when I bit into something much harder than an almond. To my horror, it was a quarter of my molar!

By the next day, I was at the dentist’s clinic having it mended. I thought a simple filling or “pasta” would do the trick. But, after much draining and poking around, the dentist delivered the bad news: You’ll need a root canal.  Even worse news: it would cost P12,000.  What?! That’s the price of a new running watch, or two pairs of running shoes, or a ton of new apparel! (If you’re asking: Must everything be associated with running? The answer is YES!)

I have no choice but to push through with the root canal next week. But, I also asked the dentist what the cause was so that I could prevent all my other teeth from chipping.

Could it be old age?  Or calcium-deficiency?  The dentist’s answer was unexpected.

My dentist’s guess is it’s running-related.  She said I may be gritting my teeth when I run or lift weights.  She even suggested I get a mouthguard to wear while I’m running and sleeping.  Oh boy.  Who would’ve thought a mouthguard would be my newest running accessory?