All Roads Lead to TNF

Friday, 22 May 2009  |  Gear + Gadgets, Race Announcements

The TNF 100km solo and relay races kick off tomorrow at Clark, Pampanga followed by the 10k and 20k on May 24, Sunday.

Hubby and I registered for the 10k. Phew. I am equally nervous and excited about this race. It’ll be my first trail run and I don’t know what to expect. I don’t have a clue how my newly-recovered legs (yeah baby!) and foot will react to the new terrain either. So many uncertainties especially about gear…

Fortunately for us, Jundel of TNF supplied the hubby and I with new TNF Trail Shoes just for the race. Pinoy Ultra Runners’ Neville Manaois recommended these two models: Rucky Chucky or Arnuva Boa 50. I chose the tough-looking Rucky Chucky, while hubby got another handsome model, Voza, since they didn’t have his size for Rucky Chucky. Both shoes should give us much needed support and extra traction to climb those trails.

– Fresh out of the box. My new Rucky Chucky –

– Side view –

As recommended by Jundel, we can just break in the shoes by walking around in them. Hubby and his new Voza’s left the house earlier today while Rucky Chucky and I will go on a pre-TNF racing event through the aisles of our grocery later this afternoon.

A couple of days ago, Vince of Finishline, TNF’s race organizer, informed me via text that he was at the race site. I quickly replied with the following questions: Is the course slippery? rocky? hilly? He answered: it is not slippery, not rocky, not hilly. I recommend you were tights.¬†Great, I never thought asking those questions would leave me with even more concerns. ¬†But, I hear ya, Vince, I’m packing some tights for the trip.

Now the question is: do I risk tearing my Skins/ Nikes/ Mizunos OR do I wear the cheap tights I bought from SM years ago? Hah!

I thought of wearing long-sleeves to protect my arms from possible scratches or mud. (You see, this woman is used to conquering the roads, not the mountains) But, I was told that it isn’t necessary unless you need protection from the harsh rays of the sun. I love my brown skin, plus some extra savings, so I believe I’m skipping this one.

I was told that trail runners wear longer socks to keep the soil (in our case, sand) from entering the shoes. My ankle socks are staying home and I’m taking my extra long thorlos with me.

Gear is set. Hotel is booked. But, I am a nervous wreck. I hope you are too…haha. Good luck to all those running TNF. As they all say, see you at the trails!

Thank you so much to Jundel Llagas of TNF and Neville Manaois of Pinoy Ultra Runners! Neville, I’ll see you at the spa after the race.