Riovana Sports Recovery Center

Tuesday, 24 January 2012  |  Therapy + Injury

I’m a sucker for spas and deep tissue massages. I also know the value of therapy and treatments for muscle tightness or injuries performed by licensed physical therapists. So, when I dropped by the new Sports Recovery Center on the 2nd floor of Riovana in Bonifacio High Street, I thought I had died and gone to runner’s heaven.

The new Riovana Sports Recovery Center recently opened to service athletes, specifically runners. It’s a spa and clinic in one. While most of us visit a doctor’s clinic only when we’re already injured, the Riovana Sports Recovery Center hopes to change all that by espousing the value of preventive maintenance: getting treatments done even before injury. Simply put, it’s the place to go for pre-race conditioning or post-race recovery treatment, or just to give your body a treat after regular training.


Owned and operated by MultiSportMatrix, a company with big names in the Philippine sports medicine scene, such as Dr. Gar Eufemio, Dr. Jun Rafanan, and Coach Jim Saret, the center is like the physical therapy area of a sports center with high-tech medical equipment, namely one of three cryo machines in the country, laser and ultrasound. They also offer sports massage, acupuncture by Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue, platelet rich plasma (yes, just like what Kobe and Tiger do!), hydration therapy / oxygen supplementation, kinesio taping, and stretching.

For injured runners, they recommend that you be assessed first in a clinic since the center is manned by nurses and physical therapists.  Having said that, there will still be appearances by doctors as well as conditioning and running experts (need you ask who the running expert will be if it’s in RIOvana?!)

– Riovana Sports Recovery Center Staff (L to R): Tintin, Aileen, Nia, Tina, Dianne, Laura –

As for the staff, I must say that I was quite impressed. When I entered the center, they were very warm and accommodating; they welcomed me with smiles, explained each service, and answered all my questions. I heard the staff—most have a background in nursing or physical therapy and are athletes themselves— were hand picked by Dr. Eufemio himself. With such wonderful and professional personnel like that to spend a full hour or more of treatment with, I felt very comfortable and at ease.


The center is clean, air-conditioned, and spacious enough for each of the beds in a cubicle. There are around six rooms in the center, two of which can be opened and converted into a couple’s room. There’s a room for stretching and another for acupuncture. There’s also a clean shower room for runners who wish to undergo treatments after a run. During the session, there’s relaxing music playing in the background, much like those in spas.


Riovana Sports Recovery Center offers the following treatments:

De Luxe Package……….P1000.00
I. For the lower back and both lower extremities
II. For the neck, upper back and both upper extremities

Includes the following:
– Ultrasound/Laser Therapy – Helps decrease inflammation and increase flexibility
– Sports Massage
– Full Body Stretch
– Cryo-therapy – This literally “freezes the pain away…”
° Additional P50 for every modality in excess

Elite Package……….P1800.00
De Luxe Packages I and II combined!

Couples Package……….10% discount
Come in with a partner and get 10% off

For Patients with a Physical Therapy Referral……….P500.00 (for the first body part)
Inclusive of all modalities and exercises
° Additional P50 for every modality in excess

Pre-Event Stretching……….P150.00
Full Body, Approximately 30 minutes

Acupuncture Treatment……….P1200.00

– Pre-pay for 6 sessions and get 10% off
– Pre-pay for 10 sessions and get 2 sessions free
– Combine any package with acupuncture and get 20% off


Thanks to Dr. Eufemio, I got to try a complimentary Elite Package last week.  Dianne, a license physical therapist and an athlete herself, took care of me for almost an hour and a half.  The Elite Package usually takes 2 hours, but due to my hectic schedule, Dianne and I focused on certain areas, particularly my shins, big toes, and Neuromas, instead.

– Dianne with the cryo, ultrasound, and laser machines –

We started with the Ultrasound, a non-invasive and no-pain treatment where Diane placed gel on my skin and used a contraption to decrease inflammation and improve flexibility.  This was actually very relaxing.  This was followed by the Laser therapy where I pointed out specific areas that were painful or tight. Dianne said this could reduce the nodules in muscles much like what a deep tissue massage would do but without the screaming and yelling.

I thought I escaped a deep tissue massage, but it was the third service in the package. Dianne massaged my shins, ITB, and foot, areas that I pointed out needed releasing.  If you’re not in a rush, you can have a full body deep tissue massage. It’s part of the package.

Next, we used the Cryo machine, one out of only 3 cryo machines in the Philippines.  This was my favorite!  It works like an ice pack on your body, but reduces the time from the usual 10 minutes to 3 minutes and without the mess.  It feels cold, but completely relaxing too.

Dianne would’ve ended the entire treatment with stretching, but I had to rush out to pick up the kiddos in school.  So, I passed on the treatment and yet, I felt like I had the works done. I felt completely rejuvenated and my muscles were relaxed and loose.  I felt so great I was tempted to do a tempo run that evening, but I decided against it.


Thumbs up to the Riovana Sports Recovery Center.  It’s a novel idea that promotes proper care and therapy for athlete’s bodies to prevent injury and allow us to perform at our best at all times.  The fact that it is backed by top sports and medical experts and manned by knowledgeable and accommodating staff who go out of their way to provide the best service in a comfortable, relaxing setting makes a visit well worth it.  The facilities are clean and well-equipped, price is reasonable, and the location is convenient and accessible.  Perhaps the only downside I foresee is that it will be hard to set an appointment when the rest of the world hears about this gem of a place for relaxation and recovery secretly hidden atop Riovana Running Store.

Riovana Sports Recovery Center
Mezzanine Level, Active Fun Bldg., 9th Ave. cor. 28th St. Bonifacio Global City
Open from 10am to 9pm daily
Phone: 478-9408
Mobile: 0916-353-4485
Twitter: msmxrecovery