TRX Suspension Trainer Seminar

Tuesday, 3 November 2009  |  Gear + Gadgets

It was back to school for me last Thursday morning. Only the school was a gym. And, my classmates were athletes, such as Pinoy Ultra Runners’ Neville, Second Wind’s Hector, and super fit Mitch Felipe-Mendoza, columnist for Phil. Daily Inquirer. Last but not the least, instead of seats and desks, we were half-suspended in air most of the time.

I took a TRX Suspension Trainer Seminar offered by U.S. Certified Instructors, Gilbert Tang and Coach Jim Saret. Gilbert taught us all the exercises we could perform using TRX Suspension Trainer, while Coach Jim gave us a brief talk about running and introduced the use of the foam roller. The half-day talk was fun, informative, and (gulp) completely exhausting.

– Class pic: Lisa Tang, Mitch Felipe, Neville Manaois, myself, Gilbert Tang, Joseph Pagulayan, Coach Jim Saret, and Hector Yuzon –

TRX Suspension Training develops functional strength while improving flexibility, balance, and core all at the same time. I’ve been using the TRX for over a month now and here are the benefits I see for runners:

  1. Functional exercise. It doesn’t isolate muscles, but uses a whole range of motion. In other words, it doesn’t strengthen just one muscle group but builds optimal strength and performance.
  2. Core is used all the time. No matter what exercises you do using the TRX, the core is working all the time. For runners, a strong core is vital to maintaining your running form especially for long distances.
  3. Adjustable intensity. One can progress from easy to hard workout just by changing the resistance levels and position (stability).
  4. Quick workout. It takes as little as 25 minutes to get a good workout.
  5. Can be used for stretching. I got some good stretching using the TRX, none that I could do on my own.

– Nevs and I looping the handles for single-hand exercises. Very serious work! –

– Gilbert teaches us how to do the TRX squat and single-leg squat. Great exercise for runners –

– Mitch and Hec doing the chest press to strengthen triceps, shoulders, and core. Yeoouch! –

– Neville and Mitch doing the deltoid fly for strength and stability in the shoulders. Nevs, don’t forget to breathe! –

– Demo of the single leg chest press. None of us attempted to do this. –

– Gilbert assists Hec as he does his suspended prone planks –

The next day, my body was tired and sore all over. It made me feel a wee bit better when I heard that the Pinoy Ultra Runners felt the same!

For those interested in taking this seminar, click here. TRX Suspension Trainer is available at Chris Sports. More info here.

NEXT POST: Coach Jim Saret teaches us basics on running and how to use the foam roller.  It was, by far, the most informative talk I ever heard on running.  And, you know that I’ve been to a lot.

* Thanks to Hector for some of the photos.