2014 Unilab Active Health Calendar: Exceed Yourself!

Friday, 27 September 2013  |  Race Announcements

Unilab has just released its calendar of events for 2014.  Mark your calendars!

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PRESS RELEASE: Exceed yourself! UNILAB Active Health (ULAH) continues to challenge everyone to create a better version of themselves. One may choose to upgrade to longer distances, or establish new personal records. Better training, better gear, better nutrition, and better races, will all lead to achieving a better you. The 2014 ULAH calendar has been developed with experts within the swim, bike, and run community to cater to those who desire to progress from where they are today, to be better tomorrow.

Get ready to pull out those “killer kicks” as the Tri United Series will now inaugurate a new long distance category: a demanding 1.9km swim, 90km bike, and 21km run. This distance offers a new challenge to loyal Tri United triathletes on top of the sprint, standard (1.5km-40km-10km), and triking (2km-60km-15km) distances of next year’s series.

With the back to back success of the annual Active Health Duathlon, the run-bike-run event will still maintain its foothold at SCTEX with a 6km-50km-4km distance. The calendar will also include a separate cycling event sometime Q2/Q3 of 2014.

Experienced runners hoping to complete the United Medal can train their way up to a full 42.195km distance in Run United Philippine Marathon. The Run United (RU) series will remain focused on providing long distance categories: RU1 with 5km, 10km, and 21km and RU2 with 10km, 21km, and 32km categories. TBRDM continues to help produce first/second time marathoners with its extensive 5-month program leading to race day.

Kindly standby for further announcements on event details, registration dates, and additional events/training programs within the 2014 UNILAB Active Health Calendar.

Mark your calendars. Exceed Yourself!