Running at Venare, Nuvali

Wednesday, 4 August 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Last July 31, 2010, I was invited to give an inspirational talk on running for NUVALI’s new residential development, Venare. The unique event was called TRY-ATHLON encouraging the guests to give various sports a try: running, aqua aerobics, yoga, football, and more.

– My talk was entitled “Life on the Run” –

– My favorite running quote and a photo shot by Levi Lakandula for Conquer Corregidor last year –

– with NUVALI managers and other speakers for the day –

It is always a pleasure for me to share my passion for running (I’m sure you all know that by now) and to inspire the non-running audience (not a runner in the house…except for the hubby!) to give the sport a try.

– with Phil at the impressive Treveia Clubhouse.  If I was 15 years younger, this would’ve made my day. Wait, I think it still did. –

– All the other sports guests could “sample” at the event –

– Aqua aerobics at the Clubhouse Pool. Wonder if they had aqua jogging for runners? I wish. –

– Football star Phil Younghusband looks cool as a “Surfer Dude” too –

– Bikes for rent at NUVALI –