Winners of Discovery Channel’s Vertical Marathon Race Kit

Friday, 27 January 2012  |  News + Promos

Thank you to everyone who joined Discovery Channel’s Vertical Marathon contest.  Congratulations to the 10 winners of 1 race kit each to the race. Please expect an email from me regarding claiming of your free race kit.

1) Ton Cabiao
I choose B because it will Be very nice to have B in B on my B (breakfast in Bed on my birthday!.) I’m turning 30 next month so please let me win

2) Sine Mahilig
I choose B. But if there’s a chance of running with both Izza and Derek and then we’d all end up in that swanky hotel’s bed eating breakfast—PWEDE!

3) Ariel Abril
I choose B – so maybe I will be watching the other guys who’ve chosen A with Iza or Derek on Discovery!

4) runwarrior
B, because I love watching Discovery. And because I don’t want to be caught with Derek, by a paparazzi, while exiting from a stairwell of a building in McKinley. Ma-blind item pa kami…

5) Edgar A. De Jesus
I’ll choose A. But I don’t want to run holding hands with someone. LOL. Ang hirap kayang tumakbo sa hagdanan ng paakyat, what more kung may ka holding hands ka pa?! Kung makikipag holding hands na lang ako kay Iza I’d do it while watching Discovery Channel with breakfast in bed in a swanky hotel! LOL =))

6) RG
A – Many moons ago my wife said that she would allow me to go on a date with Iza if I ever get the chance … This might be that once in a lifetime opportunity. It might be hard to hold a decent conversation in the stairwell, but what the heck! P.S. I never get sweaty palms, so hopefully Iza won’t get grossed out. :p

7) Dennis
B. As I might get in trouble with my wife if Iza fell in love with me during the run(and much much worse if it’s Derek)!

8) Joel Pinlac
I choose A, i want to run with my look a like derek ramsay.

9) basuraboy
I would rather run 39 floors up and down a building thrice hand-in-hand with Iza Calzado and Derek Ramsay would be holding her other hand during a vertical marathon. I bet the whole time Iza’d be thinking, “Why am I seeing 2 Dereks? Which one is which?”

10) Roland Pangilinan
A. I want to race with either Derek Ramsay or Iza Calzado during a vertical marathon so I can outshine them.