Tips on Staying Fit during the Holidays

Sunday, 22 December 2013  |  Gear + Gadgets

What can you do to stay in shape even as you give more time to the season of giving? The hard-working yurbuds ambassadors share some effective tips to keep fit during the Holidays:

Coach Andy Leuterio: Set a minimum number of workouts for the week. If you can’t maintain your normal daily frequency, at least stick with a handful of sessions. Just don’t let an entire week go by without a single workout or you’ll have a hard time getting back on track. For triathletes, go for time saving double- or triple-workouts so you maintain muscle memory. Keep the intensity fairly high so you burn more calories and work more muscle fibers. As for food, I’d recommend loading more greens and proteins so you feel more full instead of piling your plate with carbs.

Elite triathlete Nikko Huelgas: Book yourself for a race around January. Or in my case, always think about your first race of the year when you wake up. Try to make sure that it can be your best race in the year. You might as well start now. It’s getting closer! Besides, food tastes more delicious and guilt-free after a hard workout!

Coach Ani de Leon-Brown: Run 1 hour or bike 1.5hrs early in the morning to start the day right. At the party buffet pick a little bit of your favorite food items so you at least get to taste them and there’s no need to pile on a whole lot of food cause your cravings are satisfied already.

“Kuya Kim” Atienza: It’s okay to eat all the Christmas stuff, but eat in moderation. Allow yourself to gain just 5 pounds so it’s less painful coming back to train for the coming race season.

The athletes above use yurbuds for their workouts. Check out their line of athlete-inspired products at participating retailers, and join the community with the Facebook page Cascos Inc., yurbudsph on Twitter and Instagram, and share your workouts with the Twitter hashtag wneverstop!

Kuya Kim is yurbuds’ Latest Endorser

Tuesday, 8 October 2013  |  Gear + Gadgets


Congratulations to Kuya Kim Atienza for being the new endorser of yurbuds!  I’m loving the copy above: “Don’t wait for inspiration. Become it.”

I think Kuya Kim’s story of suffering from a stroke a few years back and now being in the pink of health training for an Ironman truly embodies the yurbuds campaign.  He’s also one of the smartest and nicest local celebrities I know.  Keep on inspiring, Kuya Kim!

PRESS RELEASE – Ever since a stroke three years ago pushed “Kuya Kim” Atienza to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle, the man famous for delivering informative and entertaining weather reports and for co-hosting “Showtime” has been pursuing triathlon with a passion.

Now a veteran of several marathons and triathlons and currently gearing up for his first full Ironman this December, Kim Atienza’s hectic training schedule demands a level of performance that no ordinary gear can provide. This is why he recently made the decision to train exclusively with yurbuds, the sport earphone guaranteed to “never fall out” thanks to its twist-lock design.

Yurbuds’ pool of ambassadors includes Ironman World Champions Pete Jacobs, Chris McCormack, and Mirinda Carfrae, and local elite triathletes Nikko Huelgas, Ani de Leon-Brown, and Sandra Gonzalez, among others. The addition of Kim Atienza is yurbuds’ way of communicating its message to a mainstream audience in the hopes of inspiring them.

Gianina Dayrit, the Vice President of Cascos Inc, the exclusive distributor of yurbuds in the Philippines, says, “We are proud to welcome Kim Atienza as the newest product endorser of yurbuds in the Philippines. yurbuds is about athletes working hard, giving more, to achieve one’s personal best, and to never stop. We feel that Kim is the perfect example of an athlete who never stops pushing for personal excellence, and who inspires others to do the same.”

According to Kim, “I’ve tried so many earphones in the past, and most just slip out of my ears or get tangled when stored. yurbuds fit snugly, the wires are tangle-proof, and they look good as well. It also makes me run faster knowing it’s the same earphones Pete Jacobs uses! Whatever works, the mind is powerful especially in endurance sports!”

The top-selling sport earphone in the US, and fast gaining popularity in the Philippine market, yurbuds are known for their comfortable and secure fit, outstanding sound quality, and variety of models and colors to choose from.

When asked what kind of music he listens to while working out, Kim says “I like listening to reggae, 70’s rock like Led Zeppelin and America converted to 90rpm via an app I bought in the App Store”.

Kim’s yurbuds of choice are the Pete Jacobs Signature Series ITE-100, so named after the reigning Ironman World Champion and 2-time Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines Champion. Launched at the recent Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines, the Pete Jacobs Signature Series feature uniquely reflective, tangle-resistant Kevlar cords, premium sound quality and a 1-button microphone system with track and call control.

With “Kuya Kim” rocking along with yurbuds, expect him to #neverstop inspiring thousands of followers to stay fit and healthy whatever the weather!

Check out their line of athlete-inspired products at participating retailers, join the community with the Facebook page Cascos Inc., yurbudsph on Twitter and Instagram, and share your workouts with the Twitter hashtag #neverstop!

yurbuds introduces Pete Jacobs Signature Series

Friday, 19 July 2013  |  Gear + Gadgets

You all know how much I love yurbuds (I’ve got three of ’em). So, it’s great news that they’re launching a new product: yurbuds Pete Jacobs Signature Series ITE-100. If you want one, they’re launching these babies at Ironman 70.3 in Cebu. Read the press release below…

2Pete Jacobs Signature Series Product Shot copy

PRESS RELEASE: In 2012, Australian triathlete Pete Jacobs came to Cebu, Philippines and won the grueling Cobra Ironman 70.3. A few months later he would go on to dominate the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, the most prestigious triathlon in the world.

1Pete Jacobs small

With Pete Jacobs holding the crowns of Kona and Cebu, yurbuds proudly announces his Signature Series ITE-100. yurbuds, the official #1 sport earphones in the US, is designed by athletes for athletes who want cutting-edge sound and overall usability when it comes to earphones. Aside from the brand’s “never fall out” trademark for all its earphone styles, the Signature Series ITE-100 sports uniquely reflective, tangle-resistant Kevlar cords, premium sound quality and a 1-button microphone system with track and call control. A multipurpose dry mic/remote allows for easy, hands-free control of any iPhone®, AndroidTM and Blackberry® device. It also comes with two sizes of interchangeable ear buds in each box.


It is also sweat and water-resistant, allows ambient noise, and features FlexSoftTM comfort fit and TwistLockTM Technology – features also found in the other yurbuds styles that have been generating a buzz not just among athletes of all types, but anyone looking for quality earphones that provide superior sound and that stay put through all the twists, turns and sweat that come with vigorous activity.

The yurbuds Pete Jacobs Signature Series ITE-100 retails for P3,000 and will be launched at the 2013 Ironman 70.3 Philippines.

yurbuds is proud to welcome Jacobs in its growing roster of inspirational Signature Series athletes, which also includes San Francisco 49ers running back LaMichael James.

yurbuds is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Cascos Inc., and is available at the following retailers: Power Mac Center, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Beyond The Box, Buzz, Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot, RUNNR, Chris Sports, R.O.X, Riovana, Rudy Project, Mobile One, The AShop, Specialized Concept Store, Islands and More, IGig Center, Gadgets In Style, The Electronics Boutique, GNC, Gold’s Gym, Nothing But H2O, The Brick, Primo Cycles, Second Wind, and Fitness First.

Cascos Inc. offers a 1-year Replacement Policy on all yurbuds purchased at authorized dealers due to defects. All customers have to do is return the defective unit to the dealer purchased from along with the receipt of purchase. A brand-new unit is provided within 3-4 working days.

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My Workout, My Music Yurbuds Selfie Contest

Tuesday, 4 June 2013  |  Gear + Gadgets, News + Promos

I need my music when I run alone.  Occasionally, I enjoy slow solo runs as a “purist” (no iPod, no watch, nuthin!) but, for the most part, if I don’t have company or if  I’m on the treader at the gym, my iPod Nano and yurbuds Inspire for Women are my best run buddies. For workouts and even races, part of the preparation includes preparing my playlist.

What’s on my playlist?  I need music that makes me feel alive and happy.  Nothing too heavy so I feel light on my feet when I run.  Call me weird but what I listen to when I’m at rest and when I’m working out is pretty much the same. Some of you may fall asleep with my Acid Jazz playlist, but, hey, it gets me going!


Brand New Heavies, Midnight at the Oasis
Incognito, Everyday
Brand New Heavies, Feels Like Right
Galliano, Prince of Peace
Incognito, Deep Waters
M People, Just for You
Des’ree, Feel So High
Incognito, Beneath the Surface
Michael Franti, People in the Middle
Freak Power, Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out
Brand New Heavies, Never Stop
Urban Species, Spiritual Love

Now I asked my Coach, Andy Leuterio, what gets him race ready and he sent me some his favorite songs for a killer race simulation workout. (So different from mine! Hah!):

2.5 Hour Ride, Main Set 4 x 30” Tempo building to Threshold Effort/Power, 5” easy spin Rest Interval.
10k Run off the bike, negative split

Sarah McLachlan, World on Fire
Isaac Hayes, Theme from SHAFT
Black Strobe, I’m a Man
The Doors, L.A. Woman
Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil
AC-DC, Highway to Hell
AC-DC, War Machine
AC-DC, Thunderstruck
Rage Against The Machine, Bulls on Parade
Rage Against the Machine, Guerilla Radio
Rage Against The Machine, Vietnow



Yurbuds wants to know what gets you pumped up! Post a picture of yourself on Facebook and Instagram with your yurbuds during, before, or after a workout and you could win an exclusive yurbuds shirt, a pair of yurbuds Duro, Ladies line, or the Grand Prize of the yurbuds Limited Edition! From June 3 to 15, 2013, Cascos Inc, the exclusive Philippine distributor of yurbuds, will be looking for the most interesting photos of yurbuds athletes.

To qualify:

1. “LIKE” the Facebook Page of Cascos Inc.
2. Use the hashtags #BEYONDTHEWALL and #YURBUDS
3. Put a caption of your workout and music to qualify for the contest!
4. Users may post as many entries as they want for the duration of the contest.



10km Tempo Run, Freak Power, “Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out”

Gear Review: Yurbuds

Tuesday, 28 May 2013  |  Gear + Gadgets

Last year, everyone was raving about Yurbuds.  I wondered what the fuss was about.  I was given a pair of Yurbuds and, despite my twisting and poking, they would not—for the life of me—enter my ears! Turns out, it wasn’t Yurbuds’ fault, but mine.  My ear canals are just abnormally small. Whoops.

Fast forward to this year and I was given fantastic news.  They released Yurbuds for Small Ears!  (They must’ve heard my whining on the other end of the globe.)


I used the Yurbuds several occasions in the gym on the treadmill and on the road. Upon my first try, I finally realized why it was so different from other earphones. The fit was so much more comfortable than my old pair of earphones. The wire was also much longer and allowed for me to tuck my ipod nano in my back pocket or in a hydration belt for convenience. It is sweatproof and water resistant. And, last but not the least, the music sounded so much sharper than my old pair of earphones! I seriously thought it helped to make me run faster during workouts! Even better news when I heard that Yurbuds allows for ambient noise. This means that even if I run with Yurbuds on, I’ll still be able to hear oncoming cars on the road to ensure my safety.

– Yurbuds for Small Ears. Almost like they had my name on it! –

– My Yurbuds for Small Ears with extra buds –

I found that for longer runs, above 15k, when I started to sweat profusely, one earbud would slowly slip out of my tiny ear. But, after talking to so many friends who use them, I believed this was a problem only I had (again because of my abnormally small ear canals).  I prayed that Yurbuds would make a version for super tiny ears like mine.

Within a couple of weeks, before my Yurbuds and I even had the chance to become, er, best buds (corny, I know, but humor me please), I was given a new pair for testing: Yurbuds Inspire for Women.

Oh yes, God answered my prayer.


Yurbuds Inspire for Women was designed by Annie Karayiannis, yurbuds Creative Director. Karayiannis spent time researching female athletes to gain a better understanding of the earphone size, shape and colors that would best serve their unique needs.

yurbuds Inspire for Women
– Train in color. Nice tagline! –

– Take your pick, girls! –

The Inspire for Women line was designed specifically to fit smaller ears and features all of the classic yurbuds qualities including sweat and water resistant design, FlexSoft™ comfort fit, TwistLock™ Technology and ambient noise awareness. Women can train in color with the new Inspire for Women, choosing from six options – aqua, pink, yellow, green, purple and orange.

I chose purple and I completely fell in love with it! I’ve used it twice now and while I still haven’t used it for a longer run, I do feel it’s slightly smaller size will stay in place for my tiny ears. This is definitely one of my fave products of the month. Highly recommend it.

– My purple Yurbuds. Love it! –

The yurbuds Inspire for Women retails for P1,500.00 at Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot, and RUNNR. It will also be available soon at Urban Athletics, MOVE, Brooks, and PowerMac Center.


Only recently, Yurbuds released a new product: Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition sport earphones. It’s got Triple Magnet Sound Technology which provides an exceptional listening experience with exceptionally deep bass in a 3D soundscape. It is compatible with Apple® devices and includes a 3-button microphone on the tangle-free Kevlar® cord. It retails for P4,800 at Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot, RUNNR, Urban Athletics, MOVE, and Brooks.

Inspire Limited 1_low

Inspire Limited 2_low

For more information on yurbuds:
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