Zeus.ph: Shop Online for Running & Sports Gear

Monday, 9 September 2013  |  Gear + Gadgets

Shopping for running and sports gear has just gotten easier with Zeus.ph.  Zeus.ph is an online sports store offering running gear primarily from brands such as Nike and Asics.  They also offer products from Riovana such as Zensah and Unilab Active Health for its merchandise.  For non-runners, they also offer other sportswear and gear such as Molten, Nike Golf, Pacsports (Golf) and Aloha Boardsports (Action Sports).



I shopped for my new running gear right in the comfort of my own bed last Thursday evening.  I enjoyed the user-friendly and easy to navigate site of Zeus.ph.


Products are first categorized by gender/age (Men, Women, Kids) then by sports (Basketball, Running, Sportswear, Golf, Training, Football and Active Health merchandise).  Each product has an image and product details.  To purchase, you simply click on the specifics such as quantity and size and Add to Cart.  When done with shopping, you simply view your cart and fill in details of payment and it’s done.

The following day, I received a call from Zeus.ph confirming the sizing of a Nike toddler’s shoe I ordered for my godson.  I confirmed the size and they reassured me the delivery would be on time.  By that afternoon, I  received all the products exactly as I had ordered them. The entire experience was convenient, quick, and easy!  Not very different from shopping online in Amazon.

– Got shoes for my son and godson, bags for me, and a golf umbrella –



  • User friendly, easy to navigate website
  • Clear images of products at various positions
  • Great customer service
  • Secure site
  • Quick and on time delivery


  • Lack of products online – It’s such a great website. I hope they offer a wider variety of running and sports products such as more running shoes and run attire.  They should cover more brands as well.  They can even sell Energy Gels like GU or Hammer in bulk since most runners purchase these regularly in stores.


Website: www.zeus.ph
Instagram: zeusph