Global City Run Results

Wednesday, 30 April 2008  |  Race Announcements

Thanks to Bald Runner, the Global City Run results are out. Finally! Click here to view it.

The wait was well worth it. I got the surprise of my life when I saw my time for 5k: 26.13 mins. 22nd for females and 162nd overall.

This isn’t a great time compared to all the other faster runners out there. But, I am ecstatic over it because I wasn’t even in race mode! I arrived at the run with the mindset that I would absolutely not run race pace, just 80% effort. While waiting for the gun to fire, I even stayed at the back with hubby without a strategy in mind nor a target time. All I was concerned about was running a wee bit faster to satisfy my race craving.

Oooh, these are exciting times for The Bull Runner…

BUT… and this is a big BUT…I do have my concerns over the accuracy of the results.

I checked out the time of my friend, Annie, who according to race results finished at 18.38 mins. Passing the finish line, Annie recounts that she trailed Jenny Guerrero by a few seconds. My question is: Why are the times of Jenny G. (#30), Annie A. (#31), and Ma. Alice de la Cruz (#32) all the same at 18.38? Race organizers awarded them correctly—Jenny won 3rd place while Annie won 4th—but still the time recorded was inaccurate. How do they time us anyway? Can we trust the next results that come out?

Secret Training Exposed

Tuesday, 29 April 2008  |  Running + Triathlon

What have I been doing the past month? Had you looked closely, I rarely discussed my training sessions nor did I complain about my evil knee. Truth be told, I found little time to write here as running had taken over a large chunk of my idle time leaving me with the rest of the day for work and family.

A couple of running friends have dubbed my past month as “Secret Training.” You see, it’s been a month since I signed up with a new running coach, Jo-Ar, to begin rehab training for my knee yet there was no mention (just a hint) of him in this blog.

Well, now the “secret” is out. And, I’m proud to say that this has been the best month of running ever since I started.


– Me with Annie and Coach Jo-Ar after he made us do intervals that made me want to barf. –

Coach Jo-Ar has been my guide/boss/friend on this slippery road to recovery. In the beginning, it was a bit frustrating as he asked me to slow down when I felt like I could go faster or to rest for a full day when I was eager to run on the road.

After a couple of weeks, however, I had little to complain about as things got more exciting at the track. With my knee and quads a bit stronger, Coach Jo-Ar would push me to run 5 more hills…or 10 more steps…or 3 more laps…and, as I struggled to catch my breath or control my wobbly legs, I would think “Please, no more!” yet find myself achieving what seemed impossible. At the end of each session, I felt I was improving, getting stronger and fitter, and taking a step farther away from my poor injured self.

Last week, for the first time in my life, I ran everyday for six consecutive days. And, on Sunday, I was able to run 8k, my longest ever since I got injured in January. It was a tough, tiring, and challenging week (or month, actually) but it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. Salamat Coach Jo-Ar!

Running PR

Monday, 28 April 2008  |  Press

Did you read the papers yesterday? Running was featured in two major dailies—Philippine Star and Inquirer. Running PR isn’t just about Personal Records anymore, but also Press Release!

This is good news to all of us Pinoy Runners (hey that’s another PR?!) who can only benefit from the growing popularity of running in the country.

Here’s the article on Star featuring Global City Run…


Then another article on running by Tanya Lara…


and another on Inquirer featuring Condura Race…


In the column of Tanya Lara, she features a friend, Mon Domingo, one of the forces behind Happy Feet running group of which I am a part of, together with Eduardo Padilla, the barefoot runner. I’ve known “Master Mon” for almost a year now but only learned through this article that he’s ran 19 marathons with a 3:50 PR in 2004. Congratulations Master Mon! Pa-autograph naman ng singlet sa next race!

For more info about Happy Feet, click here.


Right on Track

Thursday, 24 April 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Most of my runs the past fortnight have been on the track. Aaaah, the track. What can I say? How can one oval bring so much joy and the same amount of pain at one time?


– My brand spankin’ new Mizuno Wave Precision and I on the first day we set foot on the track. Don’t laugh at the shimmering legs…I got carried away with the sunblock –

I love training on the track. Early in the morning, when half the city is asleep, there are extraordinary people who gather in this little oval to unleash their potential…and I simply feel fortunate to be among them. It’s awesome to be surrounded by athletes who are ten times stronger and a hundred times more dedicated than I am. The energy in the air is palpable and sometimes I secretly hope that their power is contagious.

When I run here, I am more focused. And, I train harder. (Or is it because I’m surrounded by generous coaches?)

Then, at the same time, I experience the pain. It’s the good kind of pain though, the kind that tells you you’re pushing your body to the limits and you’ll come out stronger after. The drills make me gasp for air. 20 to 25 sets of stair climbs make my quads tight and get me wobbling like a duck. And, the sprints…oh the sprints just leave me feeling utterly depleted, like a balloon that’s lost its air.

I leave each training session feeling exhausted but happy. I’m always relieved to know that I’ve worked hard yet my knee isn’t complaining. I seriously think that (knock on wood) I’m heading out of the danger zone with regards to my knee injury. Two full weeks of running, swimming, and gym without the slightest hint of the evil runner’s knee! Looks like I’m right on track (no pun intended) for full recovery.

The North Face 100…Ultras & Trails, anyone?

Monday, 21 April 2008  |  Race Announcements


Boy oh boy, I can hardly contain my excitement. Trail running and ultramarathoning is finally hitting our shores! Are you up for this?

Venue and other details are still being finalized for The North Face 100, but it is definitely pushing through.

The Team Pinoy Ultra Runners will be training for this event. The team will be organizing an ultramarathon training program which will start around May and they are inviting anyone interested to join them. For inquiries, please email Neville Manaois directly at

As for me, I’m eager to join the 10k trail runs. No more drooling over Rick and E-rod’s scenic courses. We’re finally having our fair share of trail runs in the country. Finally!