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April 2008 Archive

  • Global City Run Results

    Thanks to Bald Runner, the Global City Run results are out. Finally! Click here to view it. The wait was well worth it. I got the surprise of my life when I saw my time for 5k: 26.13 mins. 22nd for females and 162nd overall. This isn’t a great time compared to all the other [...]

  • Secret Training Exposed

    What have I been doing the past month? Had you looked closely, I rarely discussed my training sessions nor did I complain about my evil knee. Truth be told, I found little time to write here as running had taken over a large chunk of my idle time leaving me with the rest of the [...]

  • Running PR

    Did you read the papers yesterday? Running was featured in two major dailies—Philippine Star and Inquirer. Running PR isn’t just about Personal Records anymore, but also Press Release! This is good news to all of us Pinoy Runners (hey that’s another PR?!) who can only benefit from the growing popularity of running in the country. [...]

  • Right on Track

    Most of my runs the past fortnight have been on the track. Aaaah, the track. What can I say? How can one oval bring so much joy and the same amount of pain at one time? – My brand spankin’ new Mizuno Wave Precision and I on the first day we set foot on the [...]

  • The North Face 100…Ultras & Trails, anyone?

    Boy oh boy, I can hardly contain my excitement. Trail running and ultramarathoning is finally hitting our shores! Are you up for this? Venue and other details are still being finalized for The North Face 100, but it is definitely pushing through. The Team Pinoy Ultra Runners will be training for this event. The team [...]