Right on Track

Thursday, 24 April 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Most of my runs the past fortnight have been on the track. Aaaah, the track. What can I say? How can one oval bring so much joy and the same amount of pain at one time?


– My brand spankin’ new Mizuno Wave Precision and I on the first day we set foot on the track. Don’t laugh at the shimmering legs…I got carried away with the sunblock –

I love training on the track. Early in the morning, when half the city is asleep, there are extraordinary people who gather in this little oval to unleash their potential…and I simply feel fortunate to be among them. It’s awesome to be surrounded by athletes who are ten times stronger and a hundred times more dedicated than I am. The energy in the air is palpable and sometimes I secretly hope that their power is contagious.

When I run here, I am more focused. And, I train harder. (Or is it because I’m surrounded by generous coaches?)

Then, at the same time, I experience the pain. It’s the good kind of pain though, the kind that tells you you’re pushing your body to the limits and you’ll come out stronger after. The drills make me gasp for air. 20 to 25 sets of stair climbs make my quads tight and get me wobbling like a duck. And, the sprints…oh the sprints just leave me feeling utterly depleted, like a balloon that’s lost its air.

I leave each training session feeling exhausted but happy. I’m always relieved to know that I’ve worked hard yet my knee isn’t complaining. I seriously think that (knock on wood) I’m heading out of the danger zone with regards to my knee injury. Two full weeks of running, swimming, and gym without the slightest hint of the evil runner’s knee! Looks like I’m right on track (no pun intended) for full recovery.