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February 2010 Archive

  • Hello From Hong Kong!

    I was so busy chasing after work deadlines and packing for the entire family that I failed to bid you goodbye last night. I am now in Hong Kong thanks to the wonderful people of Planet Sports, especially Anton Gonzales and Bing Buenaventura, who sponsored my trip and registration for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong [...]

  • One Fateful Night at Runnr

    I was at Runnr last night…and so was he. (he…he…he…) I yearned to meet him, to look into his brown eyes just to say “Hello, would you stop staring at those shoes and give me even a few seconds of your time?” (time…time…time…) But, shyness overcame me. (me…me…me) Then Raymund called him. And, we exchanged [...]

  • Running is Not my Life

    Believe it or not, there was a time in my life when the R word was not mentioned at all at home or with friends. The only time we used it was when mommy would RUN errands, or we RAN out of fresh milk, or I wanted to RUN away from nasty clients. If you [...]

  • Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010

    TBR RACE REVIEW: Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 ORGANIZER: Run Rio RATING: LEGEND: 5 TBR medals – Excellent | 4 TBR Medals – Very Good | 3 TBR Medals – Average | 2 TBR Medals – Poor| 1 TBR Medal – Terrible THUMBS UP: gigantic event with 11,000 plus runners timing chip spectacular set-up: wide open spaces for [...]

  • How To Wear Your Timing Chip

    With the advent of more high-tech races, more and more races have the TIMING CHIP to give you accurate results for your performance during the race. The organizers provide you with the timing chip, usually a white, circular chip that you must securely attach to your laces. Most runners still don’t know how to do [...]