Bull Circle: Marathon Must Haves on 7 APR @ ROX

Wednesday, 31 March 2010  |  News + Promos


This is the third in our series of talks for BULL CIRCLE: Running Talks for TBR Dream Marathon in Nuvali on May 22, 2010.



  • The Shoe Guide by the Shoe Guy. Hector Yuzon of Secondwind Running Store will discuss the most important gear that can make or break your marathon experience: your running shoe.  He’ll cover various foot types, how to choose the right shoe for your foot, and answer all your shoe queries. 30 mins.
  • Marathon Gear for Men & Women. Neville Manaois of Pinoy Ultra Runners and Jaymie Pizarro of The Bull Runner will discuss essential gear for men and women who are gearing up (no pun intended) for their first marathon. 30 mins.
  • Race Day Nutrition and Supplements.  Harvie de Baron of Hammer Nutrition Phils. will discuss proper nutrition for race day, specifically when and how to take your gels and other supplements. 30 mins.

DATE: Wednesday, 7 April 2010
TIME: 7:00 PM
VENUE: 1/f R.O.X., Bonifacio High Street
HOW MUCH: free of charge, no pre-registration required
WHO CAN COME: Open to all

* First 150 registrants will receive a lootbag from Hammer Nutrition Phils.

Bull Session 2: Now That’s a Run Clinic!

Saturday, 27 March 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Like I’ve said many a times over, my dream of the perfect run clinic was one that focused on running long (not fast) and encouraged camaraderie among runners.  It should also be led by a reputable coach, not just any runner off the street, but one who is knowledgeable on proper training and highly experienced in the field.

I wouldn’t say the 2nd Bull Session held at 5 this morning was perfect, but we had a good crowd of wonderful people (almost 200 runners!), an awesome coach, a conservative and safe training program, and support from Team Secondwind.

For Bull Session 2, which is our run clinic in preparation for TBR Dream Marathon on May 22, 2010, we were scheduled for our 2 hour run today based on Coach Jim Lafferty’s Training Program which all registered participants are (or should be) following.  The program teaches us to follow a run-walk program which guides beginners into safe and slow running.

– Stretching after our two hour run led by Coach Jim (far right in green) –



We gathered in front of R.O.X. in Bonifacio High Street.  Before the run, our race director and coach, Jim Lafferty, who most of our TBR Dream Marathoners had met for the first time gave us a short talk.  He reminded runners about the importance of running slow and discussed pre-race preparation before the big day.  Then we were off.

Our huge group ran for two hours at a good slow pace for the most part. Again, my favorite part was meeting new runners who always have their own stories to tell about their love for running.  In between stories and anecdotes, we would hear Jim yell from behind “WALK!!!” and we would all ease up to a slow walk.  After a minute, he would shout “RUN!” and we would follow.  It went on like this until we all gathered together for stretching at Bonifacio High Street.



After the clinic, over breakfast, Jim shared more tips for us to improve our Bull Sessions. I truly feel fortunate to have him as our race director because he teaches us how to provide even more guidance for our runners, especially the beginners.  More than that, I feel blessed to have found a new mentor in him, one who, in a matter of days, taught me more than a thing or two about selflessness, responsibility, and always striving to give the best.

– Marga of Run Radio, Coach Jim (TBR Race Director), myself, Raymund (TBR Legal Counsel), hubby, Jun (Nuvali GM), and Neville (TBR Technical Consultant) –


Friday, 26 March 2010  |  Gear + Gadgets

Chris Sports sent me the Nordictrack Treadmill 2350. For a couple of weeks, my own treadmilll was relegated to a lonely corner of the house while the hubby and I tested the spankin’ new treadmill.


The Nordictrack Treadmill 2350 tracks time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse. It also has a detachable key for emergencies. This treadmill offers several high tech features, such as iFit Interactive Card Technology where you can actually insert a card with a set program in it, iPod docking center, customized fitness and weight loss programs, and even a fitness age center where it can evaluate your fitness age. Cool!

– Cellphone not included –

The size of the Nordictrack is midway between the enormous, industrial-type treadmills at gyms and the smaller, more affordable ones for home use. This was just about right. It was heavy, sturdy, and well-manufactured. When not in use, it folds up to free up space in a room.

I particularly liked the easy push buttons for speed and incline located just by the handle bars. The ride was smooth and easy. Even at the speed of 9.5 and above, the Nordictrack remained steady.


The only negative I had with the Nordictrack Treadmill 2350 was the initial start. My warm up (speeds below 4) were jerky during the first couple of minutes. I also didn’t get the opportunity to try the iFit as it  required purchase of the iFit Workout cards.

THE VERDICT: This is more than your basic home treadmill. I highly recommend it for those who are willing to part with a little bit more cash in exchange for all the unique features of this treadmill.

SRP: Php  112,495
Now Only: Php 78,995

Available at Chris Sports.

Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) Camp

Wednesday, 24 March 2010  |  Running + Triathlon

My good friend Coach Jim Saret sent me this. Looks like a great program coached by a powerhouse team! I sure could use more speed, agility, or quickness…or all of the above!


The hottest sport training program in the US is finally here! Join the first ever SPEED, AGILITY and QUICKNESS (SAQ) CAMP in the Country.

Get your young athletes to GET FASTER, MOVE QUICKER and REACT BETTER! U.S. Speed and Conditioning Specialist Coach Jim Saret and our country’s Top Olympic and Asian Games Athletes will teach participants how to be extremely Fast, Quick and Agile — the foundation of every superior athlete!

Launching on April 5 at ADMU. Open to kids 7-18, varsity and pro athletes. This special camp is powered by MILO and A.P.E.X. (Athletic Performance Enhancement Training) Sports Training!

Call 0906-387-5058 (Cookie) or 0920-952-1979 (Coach Jen) for details!

Globe Run for Home 2010

Tuesday, 23 March 2010  |  Race Reports


Organizer: Finishline



  • New assembly area. First time a race started in Ayala Triangle.
  • Challenging route.
  • Overflowing water and Powerade at stations. Sponges were plentiful!
  • Timing chip.
  • Great set up for post-race booths and events.


  • Inaccurate kilometer markers
  • Distance was too long for 21k
  • No medal???

The unique race start and course was the best selling point of the Globe Run for Home 2010. Sure enough, I was sold!

With the assembly area at Tower One along Ayala Ave., the race felt like a world-class urban run, much like Singapore’s Standard Chartered Marathon at Esplanade. The run through the city’s narrow roads and Greenbelt’s tunnel was a new experience for runners. Although the course was similar to the usual course for past races, the route took runners from Ayala towards Bonifacio Global City, instead of the other way around. Who knew that running the route from the other end could be so different?!

Congratulations to Globe and Finishline for a good race!



I was goal-less for this race and it was awful. As I stood in the 21k race start with the hubby, I thought about my target pace and time. It was absolutely frightening that my mind was completely blank.  I didn’t know if I was going to run easy or hard, with hubby and Lit or solo, with music or not.  All I knew was that I looked forward to running long again after so much time off.


After the first few kilometers, I pretty much knew this was not gonna be a PR run.  I just didn’t have it in me nor did my legs. Still, I didn’t run too easy either.  I had yet to burn the extra pounds from HK, remember?

I had a lot of fun running through this course. Highlights for me were the Greenbelt portion and the longer-than-usual route inside Heritage Park. It was nice bumping into friends throughout the race, especially Bataan Death March finishers, Charlie and Alvin.  While I suffered from legs that hadn’t fully recovered from HK Marathon, these two looked so strong, you wouldn’t think they had just survived a 102km ultramarathon a couple of weeks before.


I finished with an unofficial time of 2:11 (excluding my bathroom break at Jollibee). My Garmin recorded a distance of 22.3km, which I can’t rely on as I lost GPS signal at the race start and in the Greenbelt area.  It wasn’t the best time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the long run.

– Near the finish. (Thanks to Vima, Kulit Runner for the photo!) –


As I waited for hubby, I bumped into highschool classmates Jennie of Bautech and Tintin. As all highschool friends are, we talked about the past.  But, we also touched a bit on the future, specifically our next goal races.  Turns out the two of them are joining SuBIT (Subic Triathlon) on May 1.  Ooooh boy, just the thought gave me goosebumps, but it got me excited about a new goal!  Should I?  Can I?  Hmmm, will I?  I’ll decide by the end of this week!  (Anyone got a bike to loan me?)