Bull Session 2: Now That’s a Run Clinic!

Saturday, 27 March 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Like I’ve said many a times over, my dream of the perfect run clinic was one that focused on running long (not fast) and encouraged camaraderie among runners.  It should also be led by a reputable coach, not just any runner off the street, but one who is knowledgeable on proper training and highly experienced in the field.

I wouldn’t say the 2nd Bull Session held at 5 this morning was perfect, but we had a good crowd of wonderful people (almost 200 runners!), an awesome coach, a conservative and safe training program, and support from Team Secondwind.

For Bull Session 2, which is our run clinic in preparation for TBR Dream Marathon on May 22, 2010, we were scheduled for our 2 hour run today based on Coach Jim Lafferty’s Training Program which all registered participants are (or should be) following.  The program teaches us to follow a run-walk program which guides beginners into safe and slow running.

– Stretching after our two hour run led by Coach Jim (far right in green) –



We gathered in front of R.O.X. in Bonifacio High Street.  Before the run, our race director and coach, Jim Lafferty, who most of our TBR Dream Marathoners had met for the first time gave us a short talk.  He reminded runners about the importance of running slow and discussed pre-race preparation before the big day.  Then we were off.

Our huge group ran for two hours at a good slow pace for the most part. Again, my favorite part was meeting new runners who always have their own stories to tell about their love for running.  In between stories and anecdotes, we would hear Jim yell from behind “WALK!!!” and we would all ease up to a slow walk.  After a minute, he would shout “RUN!” and we would follow.  It went on like this until we all gathered together for stretching at Bonifacio High Street.



After the clinic, over breakfast, Jim shared more tips for us to improve our Bull Sessions. I truly feel fortunate to have him as our race director because he teaches us how to provide even more guidance for our runners, especially the beginners.  More than that, I feel blessed to have found a new mentor in him, one who, in a matter of days, taught me more than a thing or two about selflessness, responsibility, and always striving to give the best.

– Marga of Run Radio, Coach Jim (TBR Race Director), myself, Raymund (TBR Legal Counsel), hubby, Jun (Nuvali GM), and Neville (TBR Technical Consultant) –