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October 2010 Archive

  • I Clean. I Green. I Educate.

    A video break from running (although I’m clearly in my usual running gear in this video).  This is worth checking out… Why am I posting about household cleaners in my running blog?  For two reasons: 1) Messy Bessy is a brand I strongly believe in and support. Messy Bessy products are non-toxic and safe for [...]

  • Good Morning, Glendora!

    Aaaah, can I just tell you? I deserve this vacation. For the first time in months, I finally get to think of nothing else but family, food, and running. It’s the way life should be, isn’t it? We arrived in Los Angeles last Saturday. This gives us a full week to relax and tour LA [...]

  • Weight Management for TBR Dream Participants

    Surprise surprise! We have a special offer for TBR Dream Marathon 2011 participants. As part of your training, lifestyle and weight loss management coaches, husband-wife team, and contributors of TBR Magazine, Armand and Mitch Felipe Mendoza, will be offering a WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM for TBR Dream Marathoners. Yey!  Get this…it’s for FREE! Here are the [...]

  • And the Winners of Sports Beans are…

    Thank you to all of you who participated in the Guess How Many Sports Beans contest.  Imagine, out of 130 entries only 7 runners guessed the right quantity: 32 Sports Beans! We may be fast runners, but we gotta sharpen our counting skills, guys!  Sorry, I’m just teasing. Among the 7 correct guessers, I then [...]

  • Guesting on Sports Insider

    Last week, I was invited to guest on Sports Insider, a sports show on Solar Sports hosted by Jinno Rufino and Noel Zarate which features the most happening and most talked about in sports.  (I say Solar Sports should produce a show just like that but specifically for running!) As I watched Noel and Jinno, two of the most [...]