Good Morning, Glendora!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Aaaah, can I just tell you? I deserve this vacation. For the first time in months, I finally get to think of nothing else but family, food, and running. It’s the way life should be, isn’t it?

We arrived in Los Angeles last Saturday. This gives us a full week to relax and tour LA (read: Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Lego Land with the kiddos) before things get serious and we fly off to New York on Nov 1 for the marathon on November 7.

– After a 10k solo run in wet and chilly Glendora, CA this morning. My favorite Nike Storm Jacket with a Mizuno long-sleeved top underneath and CW-X tights kept me warm and happy. Loved that run! –

I’m having a grand time.  But, I’m not at all losing my focus on the race.  I promised myself this.  And, I promised a few other people too who have been all too generous in helping me train:

On the last day of my gym workout, my trainer, Coach Pete, looked me in the eye and demanded a commitment: “Jaymie, stick to the plan, okay?” I smile and say “Yup!”  Not content, he adds: “Remember, this is NOT a vacation; it is a RACE. Don’t mess up the past months training and hardwork on two weeks of fun before race day.”  And, it hits me: He is so right.  Coach Pete teaches me four strengthening workouts I should be doing while in the US. I memorize it and promise to do them.

During my last tempo run with Alvin, my pace buddy, he reminds me: “Do not go too fast during the 1st half.  Hold your pace so you’ll be strong enough to run the 2nd half.”  I repeat his words over and over hoping that I remember his advice—or, if I do remember, I hope I don’t throw it out the window after Km 10.  I will however continue to run this week here in LA trying to imagine him pushing me to keep my pace and, just like him, I won’t be listening to all my silly excuses.

Then, finally, on diet, I am trying my darndest best to stick to Harvie’s nutrition plan which he taught me a few month’s back.  I hadn’t consulted with Harvie for over a month now, but his words still echo in my head: “All that sodium will stay in your body for 48 hours!” or “That is the devil’s food!”  It’s a challenge, I tell you.  I haven’t been a perfect student with all the good food to taste in giant portions, but I’m proud to tell you not an ounce of Doritos nor Cheetos has passed through my lips!

It’s serious marathon work over here.  But, hey, not THAT serious.  This runner has gotta live a little, too.  I’ll just let loose completely after November 7!

Hello, Glendora!  See you soon, New York!