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December 2010 Archive

  • New Balance 760 Night Race Rainbow Pack

    This Bull’s eye spotted running shoes a couple of days ago at Runnr: New Balance 760 Night Race Rainbow Pack. Talk about starting the new year with a bang! First time I spotted something close to these bright and bold NB shoe colors was way back in December 2009 when David of Team Fatbird had [...]

  • A Letter from a Best Friend

    Today, Vicky, one of five of my dearest friends, turns 35. We first met in Prep and then became the best of friends in the 3rd Grade. – Costume party at Vicky’s house. She’s in a pretty princess outfit. My brothers had the wonderful idea of dressing me up as a…golfer. I’m right beside Vicky [...]

  • The Last Race of the Year: Rizal Day Run

    Until the night before, hubby and I were unsure of signing up for Bald Runner’s 32km Rizal Day Run.  I knew I wanted to run, but for how long?  I wasn’t quite sure what distance I could handle now that my body and brain are both in off season mode.  I ran a 10k yesterday [...]

  • Merry Christmas, Runners!

    A runner’s Christmas is all about… …running with people you enjoy being with so much that you wish the run would never end – after this morning’s run with Jun and Annie – …hitting the road at 5am when the weather is nippy just to get the chance to wear all the long-sleeved, dri fit [...]

  • Happy Holiday Running

    Best running buddy is back home from Singapore! Of course, we had to celebrate her homecoming with a run. Annie and I dashed through our playground yesterday in between guffaws and short walk breaks (we are so not in serious training mode) to cover 7k of one of the first of our many holiday runs [...]