Merry Christmas, Runners!

Thursday, 23 December 2010  |  Bullish Insights

A runner’s Christmas is all about…

…running with people you enjoy being with so much that you wish the run would never end

– after this morning’s run with Jun and Annie –

…hitting the road at 5am when the weather is nippy just to get the chance to wear all the long-sleeved, dri fit running apparel that stays locked in the closet for the most part of the year

…running all you want because the kids are out of school and work has stalled for almost everyone

…trying to squeeze in a run after Simbang Gabi (compression tights under jeans and tank under a jacket!)

…increasing your mileage the week before Christmas to make way for all the eating in Noche Buena

…giving gifts you know only fellow runners will love and appreciate

– found these pouches at Mizuno. Reminded me of my Spi Belt (which I love) so I bought a few for my running friends –

…hinting to your beloved about all the gear you will need to attain your running goals in 2011 and wishing he/she picks up on it (Forget about hinting in my case. I’ll just spell it out for the hubby. ┬áC-L-E-A-T-S for cross training. Or an I-P-A-D for easy blogging)

…baking Christmas cookies with the kids without even showering after a run. Oops, that’s just me. But, yes, that’s what I did this morning!

– Yummy! The kids and I had a blast baking these –

Merry Christmas to all of you!