Yamaha Run for Heroes

Tuesday, 31 May 2011  |  Race Announcements

This is one race that YOU shouldn’t pass up. Here are 4 reasons why I’m going to join it, but the first reason alone should be good enough for you to register…

  1. The beneficiary of this race is the HERO FOUNDATION which was also the beneficiary of TBR Dream Marathon 2011. It’s one that is very close to my heart because it helps orphaned children of soldiers who died in battle.  NOW, here’s the thing: Yamaha president, Mr. Yano-san, promised to donate a total of P1 Million pesos if the race can generate a total of 10,000 runners as participants.  Imagine that?!  So, I’m going to hardsell you on this: Just sign up and join and tap yourself on the back for running for a higher purpose on that day.
  2. I’m expecting this race to be very well organized as Runrio is the organizer. I’m happy to see 21k event starts much earlier now.  Now we have hope to PR again without the sun beating down on us! Heehee
  3. One can actually win a Yamaha Mio Fino!  Okay, I gotta admit.  Before this race, I would’ve thought that a Mio Fino was a fine way to end a meal (think fine wine), but now I know it’s a motorcycle and hey, I have dreams of winning one! I’m serious. Don’t laugh. It’s not as huge as the big bikes my brothers used to tour me around the village in, but I won’t complain.
  4. This should be my last longish run before CDO-Dahilayan 55k Ultra on July 9 assuming I’ll be well enough to run by then. (Insert nervous laughter here)

Here’s a video from Runrio…

And, here are more race details…



A Cruel Joke

Tuesday, 31 May 2011  |  Bullish Insights

I wish someone was pulling my leg.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  And, after coming from my doctor this morning, I’ve learned that something else was pulled—my muscles.  Two of them, to be exact.

Last Thursday was like any other day.  Jun, Lit and I met at the track for speedwork.  But, there was one particular thing I did different that morning: I wore new shoes. I had my brand new Men’s K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light on.  I was thrilled—as I always am about new running gear—but, as I walked on the track in them, something just didn’t feel right.  It didn’t feel as comfortable as the Women’s shoe. One look at the toebox and I knew it was too spacious. It definitely felt wider, too.  In hindsight, I should’ve listened to my instincts (as well as the sound of my left foot impacting the ground which, as I voiced out to my friends, didn’t sound that good!)

We did 3 x 800s and we were going on our fourth.  Just after the curve, I felt a sudden stabbing pain beneath my toes.  I slowed to a stop and told them to go ahead.  I tried to walk, but felt pain even when walking.  Immediately, I had it massaged at the track.  Then, I plunged into the pool for a 1.5k swim—the longest in my entire lifetime!—which temporarily distracted me from worries over the injury.

I was optimistic.  I thought, like a bad nightmare, I could act like it never happened after a couple of days of rest and subsequently proceed with my scheduled long run, 35k on Sunday, the longest run before Phuket Marathon.  I was wrong. I didn’t cover my run.  And, by Monday (yesterday), it had swelled after just an hour or two walking in a mall.  In full panic mode, I saw my doctor this morning.

GOOD NEWS: He said I pulled two muscles: my middle toe and my muscle near my shins.  All I need is a week of rest.

BAD NEWS: Phuket is only 2 weeks away.  By the time I recover, it will be time to taper.

While I ponder on what to do for the next two weeks, allow me to share lessons learned from this sad experience (so you won’t need to bang your head against the wall saying: “What the hell were you thinking?!” as I want to do a million times over now):

  1. Never experiment with shoes 1 month prior to the race. I knew this! But, with my shoes worn out and dirty, vanity (and perhaps hygiene haha!) got the best of me. I was embarrassed to use those old shoes in public and rotated among Newton racers, Brooks Glycerin, and the Men’s Kwicky Blade Light just weeks before the marathon.  When you’ve found the right shoe, stick with it.  If you must replace it, buy the same exact model and the same size.  (Thanks to Planet Sports for sending my beloved Women’s Kwickly Blade Light over yesterday. I stick to this one for now.)
  2. Cross Train. If all you have is running and you get injured, workouts stop completely.  But, if you have other sports that will maintain your fitness level, then you will be less frustrated and angry while you’re waiting for full recovery.  Swim, bike, run in a pool, take a yoga class.  Do whatever it takes to keep you fit and happy.  Thank God I have swimming right now to keep me sane. You must know how I turn into a monster when I don’t get to workout!
  3. Trust your instincts. If you go for a workout and something just doesn’t feel right—whether it’s a tight hamstring or you’re feeling slightly under the weather—take it easy that day or stop altogether.  Your body is speaking to you and you better listen!
  4. Enjoy the break. I have to admit, there’s a small part of me that is enjoying the brief leave from the rigorous workouts the past months.  Every week, I’ve been running 4x, swimming 3 to 4x, and doing strength training at the gym 2x.  With the past few days break from the runs (not the swim which I absolutely love nowadays!), my pace has slowed, weight has slightly increased, but there’s more time to breathe and relax. A friend said a one week injury leave made him stronger when he got back into the game. I’m hoping it’ll be the same for me. Crossing my fingers…and injured toe, too!

DO YOU WANT A MEN’S KSWISS KWICKY BLADE LIGHT? I’m giving mine away.  Only used for 5km. Men’s US size 7.5.  Remember, this is for MEN!  The first one to comment expressing his interest below, gets the shoe.  BUT, when we meet, you must show me that the shoe will fit you and only you. (TBR reserves the right to award the prize to the winner she deems fit and deserving of the prize.)

Quick New Kwickys

Wednesday, 25 May 2011  |  Gear + Gadgets

I got my first pair of Kwicky Blade Light in January 19, 2011.  I loved it so much I used it for track, tempo, races, and long runs.  It was the ever so dependable multi-tasking shoe. (Read my shoe review HERE)

A couple of weeks ago, my friends started making fun of me for using such decrepit looking shoes.  I gazed down at my feet and realized only then that the shoes did look old, and stinky, and pathetic!  I didn’t realize that I had used them for almost 6 months and I had logged in over 750 kilometers in them.

Last week, as I was getting dressed for a run, I couldn’t find them in my pile of shoes.  I asked our househelp to look for them and she plainly pointed at the pair right in front of my face. I had completely missed them!  I was looking for yellow shoes when, in fact, this pair was already black!  Oookay, I knew then that it was time to get my new pair of Kwicky Blade Lights.

Unfortunately, this model is doing so well that my size is sold out in Manila. KSwiss was kind enough to source it for me in other Asian countries, but my size is sold out there too.  Crap.  Their advice: Use the Men’s smaller size which should be exactly the same.  Since I desperately need to break in my new pair in preparation for Phuket Marathon, I said: Yes!  I’ll try that Men’s pair (even if the Women’s yellow is way cooler!)

Looking forward to my last longest run this weekend with this fresh-out-of-the-box pair!


– Out with the old and dirty. In with the brand new pair –

The Next Step Triathlon Camp 2: Road to Camsur 1

Monday, 23 May 2011  |  News + Promos

If it weren’t for my scheduled long run this coming weekend, I would’ve packed my bags and headed for Subic again for some hardcore triathlon camp training. This is not to say that I’m a hardcore triathlete—well, not just yet because you know how obsessed I can get!—but joining The Next Step Triathlon Camp will certainly help you get there whether you’re a newbie hoping to learn about the world of tri or an experienced triathlete seeking to improve his/her performance.

pa camp 2flat

Camp 2 entitled “Road to Camsur 1” is the camp’s second installment and will focus on building a Base Training program for the upcoming Ironman 70.3 in Camsur this August. The venue will still be in Subic but the camp will showcase a different set of lectures and training programs perfect for would-be Camsur participants.

Base training is vital to all triathletes who are preparing for a race. It is done not necessarily to make  you faster, but to make you stronger and give you more endurance to last through the longer distance races.
– 2 days intense SBR training
– 1 day race simulation
– Specialized Seminars
– Includes coaching fee, lectures on triathlon and sports nutrition

Registration is still on-going for Camp 2 set for this weekend.

Click HERE to download the registration form.

Click HERE to read about my Next Step Camp 1 experience.

New Balance Trail Adventure: Father’s Day Run 2011

Monday, 23 May 2011  |  Race Announcements

If you haven’t figured out how to celebrate Father’s Day, here’s one sure way to make it memorable. Registration is ongoing:

Trail Run poster with violator (low res)

New Balance Trail Adventure Singlet

Click HERE to download the registration form.