Yamaha Run for Heroes

Tuesday, 31 May 2011  |  Race Announcements

This is one race that YOU shouldn’t pass up. Here are 4 reasons why I’m going to join it, but the first reason alone should be good enough for you to register…

  1. The beneficiary of this race is the HERO FOUNDATION which was also the beneficiary of TBR Dream Marathon 2011. It’s one that is very close to my heart because it helps orphaned children of soldiers who died in battle.  NOW, here’s the thing: Yamaha president, Mr. Yano-san, promised to donate a total of P1 Million pesos if the race can generate a total of 10,000 runners as participants.  Imagine that?!  So, I’m going to hardsell you on this: Just sign up and join and tap yourself on the back for running for a higher purpose on that day.
  2. I’m expecting this race to be very well organized as Runrio is the organizer. I’m happy to see 21k event starts much earlier now.  Now we have hope to PR again without the sun beating down on us! Heehee
  3. One can actually win a Yamaha Mio Fino!  Okay, I gotta admit.  Before this race, I would’ve thought that a Mio Fino was a fine way to end a meal (think fine wine), but now I know it’s a motorcycle and hey, I have dreams of winning one! I’m serious. Don’t laugh. It’s not as huge as the big bikes my brothers used to tour me around the village in, but I won’t complain.
  4. This should be my last longish run before CDO-Dahilayan 55k Ultra on July 9 assuming I’ll be well enough to run by then. (Insert nervous laughter here)

Here’s a video from Runrio…

And, here are more race details…


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