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June 2011 Archive


    Here’s my official invitation to TBR 30, a 30-day challenge to eat more nutritious, wholesome food! WHAT IS TBR 30? TBR 30 is a commitment to yourself that you will take care of your body by making wise and healthy food choices. That’s it! It was a personal decision for me to focus on eating [...]

  • Quit Dieting. Start Living.

    I am so done with dieting. So done! For the past couple of months, you were completely unaware—of course, I don’t tell you everything here—that I was frustrated about my ballooning weight. I couldn’t figure out why I was getting heavier when I was working out like a mad woman (double my usual training program [...]

  • Download all TBR Magazines for Free

    Did you miss any of our old issues of The Bull Runner Magazine?  Not to worry. All issues are now available for download…for FREE! Just click HERE.             – TBR Magazine Archives since our first issue in March 2009. How time flies! Top (L to R):, Christine Jacob-Sandejas, Maricel [...]

  • Guess Who Signed my TBR Magazine?!

    …our cover runner of Black Eyed Peas of course! This goes into my collection of other TBR Magazines autographed by Jeff Galloway and Piolo Pascual!  Thanks to Jamike and Mayi Lopa for not being too shy to ask him for me hah! Download the latest issue of TBR Magazine with APL.DE.AP on the cover [...]

  • Are You Running Away?

    I received this comment from Wonderwall on one of my most popular posts: Date a Girl Who Runs… I always feel like runners are running away from something- don’t like this article at all. Blah. No worries if Wonderwall didn’t like the post; each one is entitled to his/her opinion.  But, I think his/her first line [...]