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September 2011 Archive

  • Running Around the World

    Ever since I became a runner, all roads have become my playground.  From paved roads to treacherous trails, whether in my city or a thousand miles away from home, you name it, I have considered making my mark on it with my running shoes.  Needless to say, for a runner like me, my idea of [...]

  • TBR DM 2012 Registration Details

    To our TBR DM Reserved Runners: Congratulations for successfully grabbing a slot for The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2012.  Now, it’s time to register!  For this race, we’ve partnered with Runner’s Runner to manage our registration. REGISTRATION FOR TBR DREAM MARATHON at NUVALI 2012 DATE: Thursday, October 6 to Monday, October 10, 2011 TIME: 12 [...]

  • Master List of TBR DM 2012 Reserved Runners

    We closed reservation for TBR DM 2012 at 6:30 last night. We filled 500 slots in a mere 7 hours and 30 minutes. By 8:00 PM, we were convinced that we could accommodate 100 more runners (as we initially planned and as some runners had hoped for) and so, in a snap decision, we did. [...]

  • Reserve now: TBR Dream Marathon 2012

    Welcome to the official reservation of TBR Dream Marathon 2012! The Bull Runner (TBR) Dream Marathon is the first and only marathon in the world that caters exclusively to first- and second-time marathon runners. Now on its third year, TBR Dream Marathon will provide a unique, intimate, and fun-filled venue for runners hoping to achieve [...]

  • TBR Dream Marathoner Bea Azcuna on Women’s Health Sep 2011

    I first met Bea Azcuna in TBR Dream Marathon 2010.  She volunteered to pace her sister, Rina Siongco, who had signed up for the marathon.  By the second TBR Dream, as what I’ve observed with anyone who witnesses the magic at a TBR Dream, Bea had returned as a participant. I would see Bea on [...]