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TBR Dream Marathon 2013: Reservation Opens Sept. 1, 2012


For the first time since we launched TBR Dream Marathon, we’ve decided to announce opening of our online reservation.  This new move will allow all interested runners equal opportunity to reserve their slot on the scheduled date without being hindered by work or family schedules.

The 4th TBR Dream Marathon 2013 will be staged on February 24, 2013 at NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  Reservation will open on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, 5:00 AM.  Visit


  1. TBR DREAM MARATHON is open to 600 FIRST- or SECOND-TIME MARATHONERS only.  (For TBR DM 2012, 600 slots were filled in 9 hours so if you’re serious about this race, we highly recommend you sign up as soon as you can.)
  2. We follow a strict first come, first served rule.
  3. Reservation does NOT mean immediate acceptance into TBR Dream Marathon 2013. The Organizer screens all applicants and reserves the right to refuse entry or disqualify a participant.
  4. When slots are filled, a master list of RESERVED RUNNERS will be posted.
  5. Reserved Runners will be given ample time to officially register for the race.  Failure to appear during registration will lead to automatic forfeiture of slot which will then be turned over to the next runner on wait list.
For more information on TBR Dream Marathon 2013, please click HERE.

  • marie

    when is the launching of TRB running clinic for this year? sana di ako mahuli sa pag register…

  • william

    mam jaymie..pwede po ba akong mag-join ulit dito

    • admntbrjaymie

      Kung pangalawang marathon mo ito, pwede pa :)

  • sheena

    hi! just want to ask if its still open?

  • Shey

    can I still join this marathon.. this time ko lang nakita to.. :(

  • Shey

    can I still join here? I’m not informed about this online reservation… :(

  • Joanna Preysler Francisco

    Hi, how can I register for my husband (Raul Francisco) and me? It’ll be our very first 42k! :-)

  • heinrich

    i can still make a reservation? ive been busy this past days i forgot to reserved for a slot, please consider this. thank you

    • thebullrunner

      Hi Heinrich, sorry, we’re sold out :)

  • Paul Co

    Very disappointing to wait 1 year and to be informed that site bogged down. I think primary objective of this event is purely commercial, to gauge number of applicants for additional sponsors and not the joy and savoring experience of 1st or 2nd time marathon. Good luck to all enticed participants ,I hope you will not feel cheated.

    • thebullrunner

      Wow. I’m so sad and disappointed that you think this way. I take this as a personal insult. As I’ve said before, TBR Dream Marathon is my way of changing peoples lives through running. We are thankful to sponsors who support our cause and most of them have partnered with us since 2010 because they share in the same goals. I wouldn’t do anything to simply make a quick buck. If you felt this way I’m surprised you waited a year to join our race. You don’t even understand its essence.

  • Andy de Guzman

    is the registration still open? I cant find the online registration link. thanks.

  • Ma. Carmencita C. Obmina-Muana

    Hello, I would like to reserve a slot.

  • Siuhon Preza

    Is the registration still open? Where can I register? Please help….this is my first time to do this…. I really wanted ti do this..Thank you so much.

  • Arnel Guarina

    hoping to make to the list of runners. Proud to join the TBR event. Please reserve a slot for me

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  • Kristian Mark Ison

    Hi morning TBR I hope n makakuha po ng slot thanks Excited for my first full marathon

  • Trish Golez

    I would like to reserve a slot but cannot find the form on this site. Am I too late?

  • Jojo A. Dizon

    can find your registration and i’m up at 503am

  • oliver

    Hello Jaimie,

    Im excited on this, my first 42K, wag sana ako maubusan ng slot… pls post the schedule of the online registration and payment. thanks

  • Kalyani

    What’s wrong with the reservation site? It says bullrunnner will be right back! Hope it would be fixed soon….

  • Marivic A

    Oh no, can’t get in. Have been trying since 4:45 am.

  • Leonard A.Buela

    Hi Jaymie,

    Logged in your website at 5am today 09.01.2012 to register. Can’t see a registrtion link so I’m posting a comment here to signify my intention to register. I hope this will count me in!

  • rae

    hi jaymie!
    we’ve been waiting for reg form to come out…will commenting here consider as an intent to register? my husband and i would really like to join.
    raschel avendano
    winifred avendano

  • Maricris

    Whats happening? I can’t see the registration form?

  • Janis

    I hope I get a second chance :) and finish this time! The registration vigil starts now!

  • Jo-anne A. M.

    Hi Jaymie!!
    Could somebody do the actual registration for me if I’m out of the country on Sept 7? say of course I’m lucky enough to be considered for a slot.
    Thank you very much!

    • thebullrunner

      Yes! Just send letter of authorization, leave your signed waiver. More info on the website in a few days :)

  • Anjeline

    Hi Jaymie! I’ve been following the last two TBR Dream marathons, wishing and wishing for my chance to join too. It seems like such a warm, supportive, FUN event.

    So… I really want to join this one but the thing is I’m only in the Phil til Oct/Nov then traveling for most of Dec/Jan, then back home by early Feb. Do you suggest I give it a shot this year or wait til next year?

    • thebullrunner

      Hi Anjeline! As long as you can train wherever you are (2 weekday runs, 1 long run on the weekend) then, yes, you can definitely join TBRDM2013 :)

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  • bot

    1st time ko for 42K distance, me cut-off time po ba? thanks…

    • thebullrunner

      Yes. Generous cut off time of 9 hours. If you train, you’ll finish well within cut off :)

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