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May 2013 Archive

  • 10 Reasons Why Runners Should Cross Train

    When I started running, all I wanted to do was run. It was difficult enough to find an extra hour per day to workout, so if I managed to find time, I thought it might as well be used doing something I love: running. Phooey with mind-numbing squats at the gym, swimming laps at the [...]

  • Xavier Sports & Country Club Fun Run in CdO

    Cagayan de Oro is one of my favorite provinces.  It’s beautiful there.  Even better, I learned that it’s got a dynamic and fast-growing running community when I gave a running talk and toured the CdO-Dahilayan Ultramarathon route way back in 2011. My husband has a lot of relatives based in CdO.  Last week, I learned that [...]


    As is the tradition of TBR Dream Marathon, after the race, I post anecdotes about the marathon that I receive in my Inbox from our new marathoners. My inbox gets inundated with stories of triumph, love, gratitude, passion, and empowerment that it’s too much of a waste if only I read it. Through this series [...]

  • Triathlon for Kids: Getting my Kids’ Feet Wet

    When I started running in 2006, it was my secret dream that the rest of the family would pick up the sport, too.  The hubby eventually started running and he completed his first marathon at the first TBR Dream Marathon in 2010 (good choice for a first, eh?)  We ran NYC Marathon together later that [...]

  • Just for Moms: Breastfeeding Stations at a Marathon

    This is my late post dedicated to mommies who run!  Hey, every day should be Mother’s Day after all! Being a mom is a tough job.  For those who can successfully include “training for and running a marathon” in her to-do list along with the demands of career and family life, it’s even more challenging. [...]