When Life Gets In The Way

Tuesday, 4 September 2007  |  Bullish Insights

How can one find the time to run when you are neck-deep in life’s oh so many demands such as: over a hundred pages to layout, a press kit to finalize, an upcoming workshop to give, a 2 year-old requiring “comprehensive rehabilitation” of her milk teeth, a 6 year-old who’s preparing for a little performance at school, two PTA meetings, three birthdays gifts to purchase, and so so many more?

Uhm…one tries to wake up earlier to squeeze in a quick workout.

And, when one fails at that attempt (i.e., one wakes up 15 minutes before alarm clock rings only to reset it to the usual waking hour), the only recourse would be to abandon—albeit temporarily—all of these demands and run without thinking. Run as quick and hard as you possibly can with the goal of getting a quality workout at the least possible time.

That’s what I’m about to do. Just wanted to let you in on my busy, busy life right now. Wish me a good run. I’m off.