2 Days to Pasig Marathon

Monday, 25 February 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Just two more days till Pasig. As the say in the local vernacular, dalawang tulog na lang! It will be a big day for most Filipino runners, especially those who are running the full 42.195 km.

I will not join the race due to the injury. Initially, I was planning to support Annie, my running buddy who I trained with months ago for this marathon, but I decided otherwise for fear that seeing this super strong athlete suffer in the last 10km might cause me to abandon any future marathon dreams. So, as I’ve told Annie, I will be there in spirit for her and all you runners out there.

To Annie, Patrick, Taki, Baldrunner, Totoy (?) and others who are embarking on the exciting journey of this marathon, good luck! Stay strong and enjoy the ride!

Note:  I posted this on the 22nd and was surprised to find it back in my unpublished drafts.  Hmmph…It was bad enough that I couldn’t join the race and now my blog is playing tricks on me!

The Pasig Marathon is over and Annie finished strong with an unofficial time of 4:07!  Patrick and Taki, how did you do?  Read about Bald Runner’s Pasig experience here.