Summer’s Here!

Friday, 14 March 2008  |  Bullish Insights

In a few minutes, I shall be picking up my two children from their last day of school. And, along with them, I can already see myself spinning cartwheels while singing in true Highschool Musical fashion “What time is it?! Summertime! We’re on vacation…”

Summer means liberation from the tight school day sched and freedom to indulge in my passions while the kids are fast asleep. My mornings will undergo a complete transformation. Good riddance to morning traffic to and from school. I can already see myself waking up early in the morning to enjoy a quick run on the roads of Alabang before the world wakes up, or swimming in the warm waters of an olympic-sized pool, or meeting with a running coach every other day. Oooh, the choices are endless.

15 minutes to go till summer! I can’t wait…