On Your Mark

Sunday, 13 April 2008  |  Race Reports

“Mama, I want my blanket.” she murmured.

“Uh huh…” I replied in my sleep.

“Mama, I want my blanket!” my daughter screamed.

I opened my eyes, peeked at the alarm clock that failed to wake us, and yelled to the hubby “Get up! We’re late!” followed by a few curse words that you yourself would have said in the same situation.

It was 5:40 a.m. A mere 20 minutes to the start of On Your Mark at NBC Tent where the hubby and I were registered for 5k. I ran towards the bathroom, ran back to the bed to pull the blanket over my daughter, and sprinted again back to the bathroom to get dressed in breakneck speed.


We arrived at the race at 6:07 a.m., 7 minutes after around 1,600 registered runners left for the 5k and 10k races. The hubby and I decided to continue with the race sans the race bibs. He made it his mission to search for his two colleagues who I had registered for and, as a result of my loser alarm clock, were forced to run without their numbers.

We ran side by side at a s–l–o–w 7 min/km pace. It was a bonding experience for us, but I wished we could move just a wee bit faster. The hubby, you see, doesn’t care about his time and I respect him for that. It’s good that he keeps me “grounded” as I teeter on the edge of obsessiveness over my running time all the time. He runs with me for fun and remains to be passionate about nothing else but golf. So, for the first few kilometers, we ran together at this relaxed, easy pace.

By the time we reached 2km and met the 10k runners near Market! Market!, I was feeling antsy. Fernando Zobel ran past me at full speed. (By the way, may I just say he is no longer my crush as I have noticed too many a women runners going gaga over him. My crush should belong to me and only me. Hence, I shall revert back to the hubby for now! hah!) Then, Lala Calma and Mark B. flashed by. And a little later on, Bald Runner flew by me too looking all cool in his slimmer physique. I couldn’t take it! I suddenly missed running 10k at a more challenging pace.

A few minutes later, I gave in and asked hubby if I could run ahead. “Go ahead” he replied in his usual laidback manner. “Okay, meet you in a few seconds!” So, we had around 4 or 5 rounds of that mini interval training for me where I would run ahead, slow to a walk and wait for hubby, then run fast again.

Nearing the end, I didn’t even bother to cross the finish line. I ended the run at around 35 mins. barely evaluating the results from my Garmin. Yet again, this was not a real race for me. I was just grateful to be spared of any pain or discomfort in the knee. Well, that at least deserves a little Yey! from me.

Where was Rufa Mae? Dingdong Dantes? Nowhere to be seen. Dang, I would’ve ran GK had I known there was no juicy showbiz chismis over here. (Kidding!) Oh well, at least they gave out great loot: a shoe bag which contained a shirt, wristband and sticker.

To friends Jujet and Lala, congratulations for coming in 1st and 3rd respectively in your categories!
To Happy Feet, I missed you! Ang lungkot pala kapag wala kayo!
To the hubby, congrats on your 2nd race!