I’m Alive!

Friday, 23 May 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Just wanted to let you know I’m alive and kicking.  A bit down and depleted from the tumultuous week I had—a rollercoaster of sorts due to the evil injury that came and went every hour of every single day.  I didn’t know if I was injured, recovering, fully recovered, or just going insane.  All I know is that I did all I could to alleviate the tightness in my legs during the past week.

I skipped blogging for two reasons:

1) I was getting really frustrated furious about the injury.  Had I ranted about it over here you would leave your computer screen with your eyebrows connected as one, both nostrils flaring, then you’d head straight for your boss, husband/wife, or best friend and yell at them for simply breathing.

2) This baby Macbook Pro of mine needed some upgrades.  It was the first time I parted with it for three whole days (not counting vacations) and, while I thought I would die of boredom, I actually felt liberated from the reins of the world wide web…and oh yes, work.  (Forgive me for not answering your comments yet.  I will soon!  Let me catch up on work first!)

Anyhow, I’m back.  I’ve got my 10k race bib for Doc Fit which I’ll be exchanging for a 5k due to the injury.  For now, my 10k debut (not that it’ll be such a momentous occassion) will have to wait…just until June I hope.